Uncovering the Rich History of Suntory Old Whiskey

Uncovering the Rich History of Suntory Old Whiskey

Introduction: Uncovering the History Behind Suntory Old Whiskey

Suntory Old Whiskey has a storied history, and discovering its beginnings reveals a fascinating tale that begins in the early 20th century. With roots in Yamazaki, Japan, Suntory’s original whiskey distillery was formed as far back as 1923 by Shinjiro Torii.

Shinjiro Torii famously combined traditional Japanese brewing methods with Scottish whisky-making practices to pioneer his “old whiskey” recipe; this iconic beverage would become known around the world as Suntory Old Whiskey. Starting from humble beginnings, Torii began climbing the ranks of renown when he won gold medals for his whiskeys at an international expo in Paris in 1928. Working hard to master the art of distillation and tweaking recipes to ensure every drop of golden liquid offered exquisite flavor and smooth notes with subtle complexity. Word spread fast about the award-winning whiskey hailing from Japan’s distant shores; finally placing Shinjiro Torii on the global map and forever etching Suntory Old Whiskey into spirits’ lovers minds.

After this first taste of international success, Torii developed a line of other whiskeys including Yamazaki 12 Year and Hikomago 10 Year single malts. Once they were complete, they offered their signature complimentary tasting approach called ‘The Special Bourbon Tasting Party’ where guests could sample each variant side by side; this novel idea was highly popular amongst consumers as people experienced new depths of flavors on an individual level.

In addition to these liquors, Suntory released pre-mixed cocktails like Highball which quickly stormed bars acrossJapan after its official launch in 1962 ; it became so successful that it continues to be enjoyed today globally! This unique innovation inspired other beverage companies worldwide who sought out a piece of its success – consequently making Suntory one of the most influential whisky brands on a global scale .

Today you’ll find three different expressions: The original Recipe named Suntory

How Suntory Old Whiskey is Made: Step-by-Step Guide

Making a bottle of Suntory Old Whiskey is an art form, but the Japanese distilleries that produce it have crafted a centuries-old process to ensure consistently excellent results. Here’s how Suntory Old Whiskey is made from start to finish.

1. Malting: The grains used—typically barley and wheat—are first malted, which involves soaking them in water for days so their starches convert into sugars. After that, these grains are dried in heated containers known as kilns and then milled into what we know as malt.

2. Mashing: Malted grains are then mixed with hot water and mashed together to create a sugary substance known as wort. This concoction is then transferred to fermentation tanks, where starchy solids break down further while flavor compounds are developed through heat and boiling processes.

3. Fermentation: Yeast is added to the liquid during fermentation, which triggers alcohol production when combined with sugar content. At this stage, carbon dioxide is also produced along with ethyl alcohol (ethyl alcohol also gives whiskey its traditional burn). This takes anywhere from two days to weeks depending on the type of distillery or mash bill (a combination of cereal grains typically used by certain whisky distilleries) being used by brewers.

4. Distillation:The fermented liquid is twice distilled under controlled temperatures inside copper pots called stills; this removes any impurities and increases alcohol concentration for higher proof finished product consistency across batches. During the process, low wines (alcoholic liquids) with an ABV between 20-30% are distilled off first before redistilling those same “low wines” at a higher percentage several times over until hearts of liquid (the center portion of disitlled liquor cut out) has reached between 40-80%.

5 Oak Casking: A solution made up of distilled spirits and low wines is transferred into oak barrels for secondary

Suntory Old Whiskey FAQ

Suntory Old Whiskey is a popular Japanese whiskey brand. As such, it’s no surprise that many people may have questions about its history, production process, availability, and other nuances. To help answer these questions in one concise place, we’ve assembled this collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) associated with Suntory Old Whiskey.

What is Suntory Old Whiskey?

Suntory Old Whiskey is a premium single malt whiskey crafted by the renowned Japanese distillery Suntory. It’s made primarily from barley, buckwheat and corn distilled carefully over time to create an award-winning spirit with layered aromas of dried fruit and sherry.

Where can I buy Suntory Old Whiskey?

You can purchase this premium whiskey at select retailers and supermarkets throughout Japan as well as online liquor stores all over the world. For exact store locations or online retailers in your area, please contact your closest Suntory representative for more details.

How do you drink Suntory Old Whiskey?

Suntory Old Whiskey can be enjoyed neat or as part of a classic mixed drink such as an old-fashioned or Manhattan. Many whisky connoisseurs also recommend trying this outstanding spirit in cocktails like Japanese highball where its flavor characteristics and subtle sweetness truly shine through.

How old is Suntory Old Whiskey?

This award-winning whiskey was first introduced to the market in 1967, making it over 50 years old! Even after all these decades, the taste remains consistent thanks to the commitment to crafting delicious whisky according to traditional methods passed down through generations of master blenders at the Yokohama annex of Suntory Holdings Limited.

Is there an age requirement in order to purchase or consume Sontry Old Whisk(e)y?

Yes – individuals must be aged 20 years or older in order to purchase or consume

Top 5 Facts about Suntory Old Whiskey

1. Suntory Old Whiskey is a premier Japanese whiskey made by the renowned distiller Suntory. The company began producing whiskey in 1923 and over the years has crafted a number of varieties, including blended, single malt, blended malt, and grain whiskies.

2. This whisky was first created in 1929 by Shinjiro Torii, regarded as the “Father of Japanese Whisky.” The original blend was highly popular and achieved tremendous success for its smooth taste and fruity aroma.

3. As none of Japan’s regulations on whisky production were set until after World War II, this gives this whisky an authenticity that is hard to find elsewhere in the world.

4. In recent years due to restrictions put into place for bamboo harvesting for making shōchū alcohols—Suntory Old Whisky has become more sought after by connoisseurs from around the world looking for unique bottles to add to their collections without having to break any laws or pay exorbitant prices on illegal imports.

5. In 2003, Suntory Old Whisky won Gold Medal at International Spirits Challenge held in London that year, which speaks volumes about its exceptional quality!

The Marketing & Internationalization of Suntory Old Whiskey

Suntory Old Whiskey has long been a cultural icon in Japan, known for its smooth and rich taste. Founded in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii as the first Japanese whisky distillery, Suntory Old Whiskey has gone through many internationalization efforts over the decades to establish itself as a premium, top-shelf spirit.

In 1989, Suntory Polished Malt Whisky was released to great success in Japan, quickly becoming one of the most popular whisky brands in the market. This prompted Suntory to invest even further into its Old Whiskey line with new production innovations and marketing campaigns.

As part of their effort to make Suntory Old Whiskey more global, they expanded distribution to select cities around the world such as London and New York City during the late 1980s—early 1990s. To increase brand recognition abroad, Suntory sponsored the famous film Lost in Translation which set both characters’ actions and dialogues within a relatable context for anyone who had vacationed or lived there before.

The sponsorship provided numerous opportunities for exposure; including posters adorning vending machines at airports across Tokyo and bottles of Suntory whiskies on display throughout major scenes of the movie. Furthermore, director Sofia Coppola also used “Stay With Me” from British musician Alex Clare as a famous juxtaposition between Bob Harris’s stagnation condition due to culture shock (and increasingly empty life) and Charlotte’s blooming optimism despite loneliness (reflections on Japan). The use of this song – not only representing an American blues song but having an artist with English heritage—served intentionally as yet anotherinternationalizing idea integrating English culture with Japanese’s sushi-grade traditionalism that would attract travelers from other countries upon learning about this award-winning movie regardless of language barriers.

To further promote their product internationally during heady days of Economic Bubble years in Japan, Sunt

Conclusion: Reflecting on the History Behind Suntory Old Whisky

Understanding the complex and captivating history behind Suntory Old Whisky is essential for those who are looking to appreciate a unique and intriguing spirit. This whisky has been produced by Suntory, one of Japan’s oldest brewery companies, since 1923. The company was founded by Shinjiro Torii, who is credited with introducing traditional western distilling techniques to Japan in pursuit of creating a superior whisky. His attention for detail and passion for craftsmanship resulted in a truly remarkable whisky; subtle yet complex in flavor, offering gentle sweetness from the malts and light smokiness from the imported maltings that were used during production. This exquisite taste led to its widespread appreciation amongst enthusiasts, quickly making it the most popular whisky in Japan.

The company even invested time into reevaluating the ingredients they used when producing their Old Whiskey, aiming to create an optimal taste experience through sophisticated curation of top quality malts and other molecules naturally found in their spirits. Despite advances made over time as modern distillers technologies evolved, Suntory still maintained their original recipe trusting its integrity enough not to alter or adapt it excessively throughout the years despite pressures that could have once forced them to do so. As a result of this commitment towards preserving traditions, Suntory Old Whisky remains one of the oldest and finest examples of Japanese whiskey today. It holds true distinction as being renowned for its clean yet distinctive flavor profile and beautiful aroma – something only experienced connoisseurs can fully appreciate!

It’s remarkable how much respect for tradition has gone into producing such a fine spirit like Suntory Old Whisky: from Torii’s search for perfecting the recipe by importing select ingredients all over Asia to still utilizing the same historically important methodologies over decades; something that any fan should take joy knowing when indulging upon each sip comes with untold stories encapsulated within its brew no matter how small they may be!

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