The Wild West of Whiskey Bent Hat Co: A Cowpokes Story

The Wild West of Whiskey Bent Hat Co: A Cowpokes Story

What is the History of Whiskey Bent Hat Cos Cowpoke Hat?

The Whiskey Bent Hat Co. Cowpoke Hat is an iconic and highly sought-after piece of Western-style headwear, first made popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It was famously worn by Clint Eastwood in the classic spaghetti western films of director Sergio Leone.

The history of this particular style of hat began over one hundred years ago on western American ranches. Back in those days, the traditional “cowboy hat” was usually made from felt and had a high crown with a wide brim to keep sun and dust away from cowboys working out on the range. But as pressure increased for cowboys to perform their herding duties quickly, they needed something lighter and more comfortable that still offered protection from the elements.

Enter the “cowpoke” or “whiskey bent” hat – a lightweight, resilient type of straw cowboy hat with a low profile crown and very wide brim that could deflect wind, rain, snow, and even flying insects while still looking great! Popularized by Hollywood icons such as Clint Eastwood in his famous roles as an iconic cowboy hero, this classic style transcended both age gaps and genre to become widely accepted fashion statement worldwide.

Due to its popularity amongst cowboys back in its day (and those who stepped into their boots after them), Whiskey Bent Hat Co. got creative with specific tweaks like added features like custom colors and patterns on top of having reliable quality product that harbored longevity for any given customer who’d purchase one.. The product was branded specifically for whiskey drinkers/ country music enthusiasts such as “Whiskey Bent Hat Company” to solidify their standing as a reputable brand ready to be associated with no matter what look you were trying to achieve. This together contributed towards Whiskey Bent being dubbed as ‘the’ go-to company when it came down purchasing your own personalized west coast apparel; the epitome of ‘cool dude’ fashion which holds true

How to Choose the Perfect Whiskey Bent Hat Co Cowpoke Hat Step-by-Step

Step 1: Determine your budget. When shopping for a Cowpoke Hat from Whiskey Bent Hat Co, it’s important to determine your budget up front. This will help you narrow down your choices and make the decision process easier.

Step 2: Choose a roof hat shape. The most popular styles of Cowpoke Hats from Whiskey Bent Hat Co are Texas Drover, Cattleman and Stampede style hats. It’s beneficial to try on all three styles or look at photographs to determine which one fits your face shape best. Generally speaking, rounded faces usually suit the Cattleman hat, longer faces benefit from the Drover style and oval faces have a great fit with the Stampede style.

Step 3: Select an appropriate brim width. After selecting a particular roof hat shape, it’s time to choose between various brims ranging from very wide up to 6″ as well as medium width upto 3.5″, as well as stingy brims under 1″. It is important that you identify how much sun protection you need – if you do not require much protection then feel free to go with narrow brims or otherwise select wider brimmed Cowboy Hats using the same criteria used while choosing the roundness of your face in Step 2 above.

Step 4: Choose crown height and brim curl preferences. If you opt for one of the Texas Drover, Cattleman or Stampede style hats from Whiskey Bent Hat Co, take into consideration what height crown will work best for you (high or low) and which type of brim curl suits your desired look (dip or roll). The dip/roll typically affects how far down on your head the cowpoke hat will sit; people with small heads often prefer dips while those with larger heads may opt for rolled brims instead so that they poke out more prominently

Step 5: Explore decorative elements available like Chins trims and Pipings

Frequently Asked Questions About the Making of a Cowpoke Hat

Q: How much does it cost to make a cowpoke hat?

A: If you decide to do the work yourself, you can expect some of the materials to run anywhere from $50-$100. This includes the felt, leather, trim, thread and any adornments such as a feather or pin that you may choose to add. The cost of labor will depend on how much time it takes for you to make your hat. You can save money by purchasing pre-made hats that are already decorated. These hats can range in price from $20-$200 depending on the details of the decorations used and the quality of materials used in their construction.

Q: What type of felt is best for making a cowpoke hat?

A: For an authentic looking cowpoke hat, we recommend using high-grade machine crown wool felt. This type of felt is especially dense compared to other felts available and retains its shape better than others over time. It should be thick enough to provide support while still being able to be molded into the desired shape when wetted with boiling water or steam.

Q: What tools do I need for making a cowpoke hat?

A: To create a custom cowboy hat there are several tools necessary including needle, thread, heavy duty hammer or press block (for forming leather), scissors, leather cutter/hole punch tool set and measuring tape. Leather stamps may also come in handy for adding special touches such as geometric patterns or brands onto your finished product if desired. Additionally an iron and waxed paper will be necessary when shaping crowns on wooden blocks manufactured specifically for this purpose should you choose not to do so by hand. Last but not least, a brayer or rolling pin will assist in flattening out pieces of felt which have gotten too thick while working with them.

Five Fascinating Facts You Didnt Know About Whiskey Bent Hat Cos Iconic Headwear

Whiskey Bent Hat Co’s iconic line of headwear has been a favorite of fashion-savvy folks, music fans and trendsetters since the company first launched in 2012. As one of today’s most beloved hat brands, we thought it was time to share some of the fascinating facts behind Whiskey Bent Hat Co’s history and design.

1. The inception of Whiskey Bent Hat Co dates back to when its creators lived on a farm in Washington State, USA. Both passionate about good hats and music, they decided to combine their passions into creating the quintessential hat for listening – or dancing – to your favorite tunes. The combination of premium materials and a comfortable fit quickly propelled the brand and it’s since made thousands upon thousands of stylish heads considerably more awesome looking.

2. When creating each unique design for its hats, Whiskey Bent Hat Co continually looks to nature for inspiration – from the bright colors adorning bird feathers to bark patterns visible on tree trunks. By blending vibrant colors with organic textures, Whiskey Bent Hat Co aims to bring “the mountain experience” indoors; that is perfect fit for any environment!

3. All products come with signature details that make them stand out among other pieces in your wardrobe; especially their signature ‘whisker-logo’ patch which uses premium thread embroidery hand-stitched by craftspeople with over 30 years of experience in the field! Celebrating top-notch tailoring is not only important at Whiskey Bent Hat Co but it helps ensure each piece won’t fall apart after few wears either!

4. Instead of scouring shopping malls for hours trying find headwear that matches your style perfectly – why not create something totally custom?! Each purchase from Whiskey Bentley Hat Company comes with an optional creation service allowing you choose exact designs (a choice between two or three colors) or go further and draw up

The Colorful Journey Behind the Design of a Cowboy’s Style Icon


The cowboy style has been a timeless fashion trend, and one of the most iconic symbols of its look is the cowboy hat. In this blog post, we will explore some of the history and design elements behind this classic accessory. From its wild west roots to its current status as an urban fashion staple, we will uncover the colorful journey that brought us to where we are today.


When you hear the word “cowboy”, what comes to mind? Probably images of rugged men in plaid shirts, with dusty jeans and a distinctive shaped hat atop their heads. The look is instantly recognizable and has been for many decades now; it’s nothing short of iconic. For anyone wanting to bring a bit of wild west flair into their wardrobe, a genuine cowboy hat can be just what they need. But how did such an instrument come about? We believe it’s time to give Rancho-Luxado’s trillbills their due credit in helping create this classic symbol—let’s track down the history and harnessing of blue-collar inspirations into modern fashion trends!


In 1818 around Laredo, Texas Mexican vaquero (or “mountain men”) began wearing wide brimmed felt hats ornately designed with silver medallions with an upturned brim in the rear offering them relief from cold gusts off San Gabriel Mountain Range nearby. This style eventually crossed north due to increased trade relations between Mexico & USA resulting in early American settlers adapting these same characteristics creating more durable version comprised from fur felt materials preferred by hardworking settler’s lifestyle [1]. By 1862 enterprising manufacturers emerged looking capitalize on booming American West providing handmade pieces for pioneer life; eventually becoming known as Stetson – taking namesake from founder John B. Stetson [2]. However mass production techniques soon caught up altering presentation slightly producing versions comparable today without prized silver adornments

Celebrating Artisan Craftsmanship: An Inside Look at the Crafting Process Behind a Cowpoke Hat

There is something special about artisan craftsmanship. Not only does it provide a unique glimpse into the past, but it also helps preserve much of our culture’s history and celebrates a tradition of hand-crafted works that remain true to their heritage.

When it comes to celebrating this age-old art form, one of my favorite items would have to be the iconic Cowpoke hat. This classic western style accessory has been around since the late 19th century, and has become an essential part of anyone’s country wardrobe today.

If you’ve ever wondered how these hats are made, here is your inside look at the process and craftsmanship behind building one:

The first step in crafting a Cowboy hat begins with selecting the appropriate materials for construction. Traditionally felt from rabbit fur or straw from local fields were used as the primary material for making these hats back in their original day but today other types of fabrics and textiles can often be seen in modern day versions. Once the appropriate fabric has been chosen, it must then be cut according to specifications so that all components fit together evenly when assembled. During this stage, craftsmen ensure that everything will line up perfectly before construction begins.

After cutting out all needed elements, they must then be sewn together using strong thread and intricate stitches to create the body of the hat. Each stitch needs to be tight enough so that no openings are left which would compromise both durability and authenticity later on down the line; techniques such as French lining (a method where two pieces are sewn face-to-face) are routinely employed achieve airtight seals throughout construction efforts. Following its assembly step comes shaping — carefully manipulating each piece while simultaneously avoiding warping its structure — where both pliable metal rods called ‘hat blocks’ plus manual molding come into play depending on complexity of design desired; some use templates while others rely on eye to visualize dimensions accurately from start through finish. After

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