The Devils Brigade: A Whiskey Lovers Ode to the Legendary Spirit

The Devils Brigade: A Whiskey Lovers Ode to the Legendary Spirit

Introduction to Devils Brigade Whiskey: History and Origin

The Devil’s Brigade Whiskey is a rare, limited-edition whiskey produced by George Remus Distilling Company. Developed in 2016, this whiskey is part of George Remus’ Masters Collection – an exclusive line of fine whiskeys crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and tradition. Named for the Devil’s Brigade – an elite First Special Services Force unit that served during World War II – this unique whiskey is made from select grains including corn, rye, wheat and other specialty grains which are distilled using traditional methods for more than three years in freshly charred oak barrels before being rested and blended to perfection. This creates a complex spirit packed with layers of flavor that range from dark chocolate notes to subtle hints of dried fruit. With its smooth texture and warm finish highlighting each one of its individual flavors, Devil’s Brigade Whiskey offers a truly remarkable drinking experience. The bottle features an art deco design that references both the history behind this glorious spirit as well as George Remus’ attention to detail when it comes to craftsmanship. Every sip captures the heroic spirit of those who serve throughout history; providing aficionados with an unparalleled taste journey sure to be remembered long after each glass has been savored.

The Distillation Process Behind Devils Brigade Whiskey

Devils Brigade Whiskey is an award-winning spirit that has captured the attention of whiskey lovers around the world. This unique blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Tennessee Sour Mash has a bold and smooth flavor that is sure to please. But what exactly is it about this whiskey that sets it apart from other whiskey varieties? The answer lies in its distillation process, as Devils Brigade Whiskey goes through a meticulous distillation procedure unlike any other in order to produce its signature taste.

Unlike most whiskeys, which go through a single distillation process, Devils Brigade Whiskey undergoes two separate treatments before finally making it into your glass. First, the mash bill—a combination of grains used to make the whiskey—is fermented before going into the traditional copper pot stills for the first time. Here, during the first part of their distillation journey, flavours such as vanilla, white pepper and allspice are produced.

Once these flavours have been created during the first round of distilling, they are then put into new barrels (often called virgin oak barrels). These barrels are purposely charred at a high temperature which brings out aromas and notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. In addition to adding more complexity to that already tantalizing note profile mentioned earlier on, this step also aids in mellowing out bitterness or any grainy flavour notes that may still be lingering from fermentation.

Then comes round three: redistillation. For Devils Brigade Whiskey, after undergoing two distinct extraction processes prior to entering into another pot still for their third run—known as threshold redistillation—it results in an even smoother spirit featuring even more complex layers than what had previously been achieved by each separate step taken beforehand They then employ additional techniques known as “grain cut” where fructose and sucrose are removed from lowwine or mediumwine before being reworked with ethanol into higher percentage alcohol beverages such as vodka or liqueurs – think cask strength devils brigade neat!

How Devils Brigade Changed the American Whiskey Scene

The Devil’s Brigade, aptly named for its rebellious spirit, is a part of American whiskey history that many don’t know about. The Devil’s Brigade was formed in 1955 and was made up of leading distillers from Kentucky, Tennessee and Ireland who sought to challenge the traditional monopoly held by the few large producers of American whiskey.

The brigade of distillers embarked on a mission to produce quality spirits that they believed did not just compete with bourbons but surpassed them. They introduced unique flavors, styles and distilling methods which revolutionized the American whiskey scene.

One significant aspect the brigade added to their whiskeys were malted grains such as rye, wheat and barley instead of using corn solely. This allowed for increased flavor complexity which had been lacking in mass-produced producer’s bourbons at the time. The use of alternative grains when creating whiskey became one way American distilleries were able to produce competitive whiskeys compared to those available overseas like Scotch whisky.

The Brigade also introduced aging techniques into their bourbon production process like barrelproofing rather than lumping expense on long maturation periods or neutral spirit blending. Barrel proofing enabled them to fully experience the flavor differences between high-quality barrels, whereas standard barrels usually only provided subtle undertone differences in color or taste due to varying levels of charring or stave seasonings applied prior to bottling. This method gave rise to an entirely new realm of barrel proofed premium grade whiskies which at once began increasing competition amongst companies for small batch product lines designed for forward-thinking drinkers looking for something special outside conventionally produced bulk wines and whiskies

By bringing such innovative ideas yet using classic traditions the brigade changed how American whiskey could be made forever more increasing options not just within America but across many international markets as well – allowing customers everywhere access to some truly unique spirits unachievable back then without experiencing similar insurgence against tradition as seen by this pioneering

Reviews and Ratings of Devils Brigade Whiskey

Devils Brigade Whiskey is a special type of clear whiskey that has been garnering attention due to its unique flavor profile and smooth taste. The whiskey is produced using a combination of 100-year-old methods and modern techniques, which contribute to its distinctive flavor. It’s made from corn, barley, wheat and rye grains that are sourced from the highest quality crops. The mash is combined with spring water before being double distilled. After the distillation process, the whiskey is aged for 3 years in new American oak barrels.

According to many experts in the industry, Devils Brigade Whiskey is an excellent spirit with well balanced notes of caramel and chocolate with hints of oak and spice. Its rich texture pairs well with cocktails or can be enjoyed neat or over ice as well. It’s also considered to be a “sipping whiskey” – ideal for enjoying after dinner or during special occasions.

When it comes to reviews and ratings of this particular whiskey, most customers agree that this product offers a superior drinking experience at an affordable price point compared to top shelf whiskeys like Johnnie Walker Blue Label or Crown Royal Reserve. In addition, many praise its versatility as it can be enjoyed straight up or used to make craft cocktails as well. On average, reviewers rate the whiskey between 8 and 9 out of 10 points across all platforms – praising it for its unique flavor profile and smooth finish that lingers on the tongue.

In conclusion, Devils Brigade Whiskey is a delicious spirit that delivers amazing flavour while still maintaining affordability – making it an excellent choice when looking for a high quality drink without breaking your wallet! It’s one you won’t regret trying out!

Step-by-Step Guide for Enjoying a Perfect Serve of Devils Brigade Whiskey

1. Start by selecting the best line of glassware for your serve. Specially designed glassware is optimal for whiskey tasting, so try to find a tumbler with good structure that will help the drinker to appreciate the aroma and characteristics of the Devils Brigade Whiskey.

2. Determine how much whiskey to pour. We suggest no more than one and a half measure of Devils Brigade in order to fully immerse yourself in its flavor profile without overpowering it with too much alcohol content.

3. If you’re adding any mixers or extra ingredients, prepare them before pouring the whiskey into the glass. Adding these components separately allows them to blend properly when stirred together later on for an even balance of flavors between all additional materials and the main ingredient- whiskey!

4. Now it’s time to fill up! Make sure not to exceed your desired whiskey measurement while slowly and steadily filling up your glassware until full – no need to rush here!

5. Once poured, take some time to appreciate both nose and eyesight tests of this fine liquor before consuming it – pay close attention to any hints of aromas or tastes you pick up as they will ultimately decide if this particular whiskey is right for you or not!

6. Give everything good mix with a spoon — mixers, ice cubes – whatever you may have added before – can now make their grand entrance into this creation as we give them all an even chance of proving themselves worthy additions alongside our delicious Devils Brigade Whiskey .

7 . Grab yourself another swig from one side, if needed — do make sure that neither taste dominates over one another since this could ruin your experience altogether (unless you go for strong flavours like coffee beans). As mentioned earlier, focus on detecting unique aromas that weren’t there at first but subtly come out with stirring…trust us-you won’t be disappointed!!

8 . Finally ,

Top 5 Facts about Devils Brigade that Every Connoisseur Should Know

1) The First Special Service Force was an elite and highly trained commando unit raised during World War II by the US and Canadian military. Commonly known as the “Devil’s Brigade,” the FSSF consisted of some of the toughest soldiers particularly from both sides of the border. Uniquely trained and equipped with a remarkable skill set and daring tactics, these battle-hardened troops were hand-selected for their special forces capability and superb physical condition to engage in high-risk missions.

2) Established on July 9th1942 at Fort William Henry Harrison in Montana, the Devil’s Brigade went through a rigorous training program lasting around 16 weeks. The demanding regimen included small-unit tactics, mountain climbing, silent movement techniques, as well as extended marches with full field gear that toughened its members up both mentally and physically to be able to perform at its peak operational level in combat.

3) As one of its most courageous exploits, during Operation Shingle in Anzio Italy (January 1944), this heroic force penetrated deeply into enemy lines seizing strategic objectives such as bridges, roads, farms and railway stations behind enemy lines— dealing a significant blow to German supply lines into Sardinia— all whilst suffering fewer total casualties than their Allied comrades who attempted similar operations unsuccessfully in the other direction!

4) Throughout its time fought under authorization from different branches: moving from Lieutenant Colonel Robert T Rudolph’s 2nd Battalion 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment to part of Major General Lucian Truscott’s VI Corps partially towards the end of war , eventually advancing all over Europe before finally being deactivated at Salerno on December 5th 1944; making 1919 campaigns completely since it’members managed to also reach North Africa In March 1943 prior reaching Italy during spring that same year

5) Comprised mainly by volunteer Canadians (half per half ratio between US/Canada contributions), more originally hailed from either British

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