Rebel Yell, Root Beer, WhiskeyThe Deliciously Rebellious Combination of Rebel Yell, Root Beer, and Whiskey

Rebel Yell, Root Beer, WhiskeyThe Deliciously Rebellious Combination of Rebel Yell, Root Beer, and Whiskey

Introduction to Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey: What is it and How it Became Popular

Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey has become a popular whiskey taste sensation over the past few years. The unique flavor and smoothness of the rebel yell root beer whiskey has been gaining traction among spirit connoisseurs who appreciate something different than the same old whiskey they were used to.

The history behind rebel yell root beer whiskey dates back to the early 20th century when Irish immigrants in Ohio first crafted their signature root beer flavored moonshine. Up until that point, whiskey had largely remained unaltered in terms of flavoring and other characteristics, but this specific type of spirit was different in its assertive sweetening with dried sassafras mint flavoring. This flavorful combination not only added sweetness but also subtle spiciness with a touch of anise, giving the drink its characteristic flavor.

Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey is produced by aging this unique blend of Appalachian style corn moonshine and refined sugar with spices, creating a unique take on classic American desserts and comfort foods such as sweet potato pie or creamy cornbread. From here, Rebel Yell ages it further for extra smoothness making it comparable with more traditional whiskeys available on the market today and allowing it to compete with more expensive whiskeys which don’t have as distinctive flavors and complexity.

What makes Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey so special compared to regular whiskeys is how well it ricochets between dark molasses and spicy undertones combined with honey sweetness from natural ingredients like sassafras prior to distillation. That being said, there’s still enough light grain flavor remaining even after distillation to offer balance encompassing both worlds – tangy caramel notes intermingled with a hint of ravishing spice making for an exceptionally bold yet exceedingly approachable whiskey experience. Today you can find Rebel yell pre-mixed cocktails like root beer floats as well as new barrel releases for serious fans willing to put some money up for a

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making and Enjoying Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey

If you love the classic taste of root beer, why not get a kick out of it by combining it with some whiskey? You’ll be sure to get the party started if you mix up a batch of Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey – a flavorful concoction that will leave your taste buds tingling. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make and enjoy this unique beverage:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you start making your drink, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and supplies on hand. A few things you’ll need include:

• Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

• A bottle of root beer (make sure it’s cold)

• Citrus wedge or lime garnish

• 64 ounces individual serving cups with lids

• Ice cubes (optional)

Step 2: Mix Drinks in Individual Serving Cups

Now, it’s time to combine the two spiritious ingredients! Start by adding one ounce of chilled Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey into each individual serving cup. Fill nearly up to the top with cold root beer, leaving just enough room for your ice cubes and citrus wedge/lime garnish. If desired, add 1-2 ice cubes per cup and stir gently with a bar spoon. Then, finish off each drink with a slice of lemon or lime for beauty and flavor.

Step 3: Enjoy Responsibly!

Voila! You have now successfully created scrumptious glasses full of sweet alcoholic goodness – known as Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey drinks! Sip and savor these delightful drinks carefully to ensure maximum pleasure while still being conscientious about responsible drinking behavior. Relax and imbibe responsibly while fully enjoying every moment with friends or family at home or in any other social gathering setting. Cheers!

FAQs About Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey

Q: What is Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey?

A: Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey is a unique blend of American whiskey and creamy root beer that creates a smooth and easy-to-drink spirit. This ready-to-drink cocktail features a rich caramel taste with light notes of vanilla, complemented by the classic sweetness of root beer. It’s an excellent option for drinking straight or in cocktails.

Q: What alcohol percentage does Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey Have?

A: Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey is 18% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Q: Where can I buy Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey?

A: You can purchase this drink online or at beverage retailers near you. Search our store locator to find out where rebuy instructions are located nearest you.

Q: Can I make my own variations of cocktails with Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey?

A: Absolutely! With its bold flavor profile, this whisky makes a great base for creative mixology experiments as well as conventional recipes. Our own collection includes several simple recipes like the Kiko Betonada or the Dirty Dime Mason Jar Mule that bring an exciting twist to traditional flavors.

Classic Whiskey and Rebel Yell Root Beer Cocktails to Try

When it comes to whiskey-based cocktails, few flavors pair as well with the spirit as root beer. Rich and malty with notes of sarsaparilla and wintergreen, root beer enhances the bold taste of whiskey while adding a sweetness that cuts through the burn. Whether you’re mixing up an old fashioned or trying something new, here are two classic whiskey and Rebel Yell Root Beer Cocktails to try!

For a classic twist on Bourbon Whiskey and Root Beer, try making an Old Fashioned. Start by soaking sugar cube in Angostura Bitters in your Old Fashioned glass until dissolved. Then add 2 ounces whiskey, 3 dashes of simple syrup (or more depending on how sweet you want it), five drops of Angostura orange bitters and a single drop of absinthe (optional). Finally, float 2 ounces of cold Rebel Yell Root Beer over ice – take care not to mix too much or your drink will become overly carbonated. Give everything one long stir and garnish with an orange twist for a tart citrus flavor. This Old Fashioned is sure to please any true bourbon lover!

Looking for something outside the box? Try combining Tennessee Rye Whiskey and Rebel Yell Root Beer into a Smoky Mule Cocktail. Begin by squeezing fresh lime into your copper mug with simple syrup – then add 4 chunks of smoked pineapple (or tinned smoked pineapple if fresh is unavailable) along with 2 generous ounces whiskey, 5 dashes Angostura orange bitters, small pinch allspice powder, another drop of absinthe if desired, plus plenty of crushed ice. Float 2 ounces cold Rebel Yell Root Beer on top but don’t stir; give a quick shake instead ensuring both ingredients combine perfectly without fizzing all over the place! Garnish this unique creation with an angostura-soaked cherry for added depth and zing – trust us when we say it goes down smooth

Top 5 Facts about Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey

1. Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey is a flavored variation of Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, initially released in the late 1990s. Crafted using naturally extracted root beer flavorings, it offers up a unique twist on traditional whiskey.

2. Originally blended by master distiller Charles Short for beverage and food giant Pernod Ricard, Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey offers up an unexpected blend of sweetness and spice. The perfect balance of flavors makes for a delightfully different yet still familiar bourbon-whiskey experience.

3. In addition to root beer flavoring, each bottle of Rebel Yell Root Beer whiskey contains only natural ingredients, including corn and rye grains as well as clear cane sugar and filtered water derived from limestone springs. It also has an 80 proof alcohol content.

4. For fans who appreciate rich, bold flavors with a touch of sweet, a glass of Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey over ice can be just the thing to sip on during those hot summer days or cozy winter evenings spent in front of the fire pit.

5. Last but certainly not least: while root beer is often associated more with children than adults, sipping a root beer flavored whiskey isn’t quite as strange as one might think given the grown-up depth such combination offers up! If you’ve ever been curious about this unique beverage before, why not give it try today?

Where and How to Buy Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey

Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey is a new product on the whiskey scene that combines two of the world’s favorite adult beverages – whiskey and root beer. The combination creates a creamy, sweet, and smoky flavor that can be enjoyed straight or as part of many popular cocktail recipes. While Rebel Yell can be difficult to locate in stores, there are several ways to find it and purchase it.

One of the best ways to purchase Rebel Yell Root Beer Whiskey is directly from Sazerac Company at their web-store. Here you’ll be able to buy one 750mL bottle for USD before taxes. If you’d like to purchase in bulk, you may be able to benefit from discounts by getting in touch with your local distributer, which can usually be found on the company’s official website. There are also some online resellers selling this whiskey at reasonable prices too, although caution should always be used when buying liquor online due to legal restrictions about shipping alcohol across state lines.

Finally, some local liquor stores could stock this whiskey too if you’re looking for easier access than ordering online! Rebel Yell typically doesn’t have an extreme premium over more traditional brands of whisky – so don’t get scared away by its high price tag! Whether you decide to buy it retail or order a bottle online, the unique flavor makes it worth checking out whenever possible.

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