Raising a Toast to Chattanoogas Founding Whiskey

Raising a Toast to Chattanoogas Founding Whiskey

Introduction to Chattanooga Founders Whiskey: A Brief History

Chattanooga Founders Whiskey is a craft whiskey distillery founded in 2013 by Alex Filiotis and Bailey Pearson in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The distillery produces small batch bourbon, rye, American whiskey, whiskies from the corn-based mash bill, and single malt whiskey.

Chattanooga Founders Whiskey has quickly become one of the leading innovators of the craft whiskey scene. As craft distillers they are dedicated to creating unique and complex spirits that challenge conventional beliefs about what makes an excellent whiskey. By accessing local resources such as honey, maple syrup and grains sourced directly from local farmers plus maturation in handcrafted barrels made with locally sourced charred oak staves; their products boast a truly homegrown character matched only by their commitment to quality ingredients and painstaking techniques. Quality over quantity is key for producing these incredible spirits.

Chattanooga Founders Whiskey stands out for its unconventional approach to crafting an artful spirit — every batch is numbered and their tasting notes vary slightly each time you taste it due to mixture of special ingredients that cannot be repeated exactly due to seasonal variations in terroir or availability of certain ingredients. Plus they use different barrel sizes which give each product a unique flavor profile.

At it’s core the goal of Chattanooga Founders Whiskey is present a fantastic quality spirit while staying true to their mission: using locally sourced ingredients that creates a unique balance between modern yet classic flavors. Using age-old practices combined with cutting edge technology helps them achieve this desired balance which ultimately results in something extraordinary—truly great whiskey worthy of being shared with friends and neighbors alike!

How Charlottesville Founders Whiskey is Made: Step by Step Guide

1. Grain Selection – Selecting the correct grain for making whiskey is a key and important step. Charlottesville Founders Whiskey works with Virginia based farmers to source premium corn, rye, and barley which are all kept separate before being blended together in the mash.

2. Milling & Cooking – Once the grains have been sorted, they are ground down into flour like particles which are known as “grist”. This grist is then added to hot water where it steeps and cooks until a sugary liquid is created; this is called the mash or wort. The mash normally has an alcohol content between 8-10%.

3. Fermentation – Bacterial yeast is then added to the mixture creating fermentation that lasts 48-72 hours in temperature controlled stainless steel containers where enzyme breakdown impacts flavour components of malt sugars over time while producing additional alcohol content to around 19%-20%.

4. Distillation – The fermented substance (mash) is heated up producing steam that goes through pipes into a copper still pot containing mesh filters resulting in spirits being produced within those pipes separated from impurities such as fusel oils, methanol and water vapours; this process provides Charlottesville Founders their signature flavouring.

5. Aging & Blending – After distillation, these clear new make spirits are put into charred white oak casks lined with maple wood which adds extra complexity flavourings further maturing over several years often determined by Head Distiller’s preference; this helps mellow out harsh flavours placed by unfavorable fuel oils allowing for more well-rounded flavours on palates where indeed enhancements occur as spirits age in additioning gaining sweetness from the wood during maturation along with caramel colours found desirable when marketed outwards towards customers either keep them as straight whiskeys or blends created specifically for targeting certain demographic groups or geographical locations based upon any preferences of its end users along with desired ratios maintained at high standards required by head distiller.


FAQ About Chattanooga Founders Whiskey

Q: What is Chattanooga Founders Whiskey?

A: Chattanooga Founders Whiskey is a unique award-winning craft whiskey produced and sourced right here in the city of Chattanooga. The team at Chattanooga Distillery uses a combination of time-honored traditions and modern, state-of-the-art technologies to produce unique, smooth spirits that embody the spirit of our city. Our whiskey begins with locally sourced Tennessee corn that’s ground down to sweet mash before being fermented with carefully selected yeasts. After triple distillation, all of our whiskeys are aged in toasted oak barrels for varying degrees of time — from two months up to five years or longer. Our craftsmanship results in an exceptionally smooth spirit that you won’t find anywhere else.

Q: What makes Chattanooga Founders Whiskey different?

A:Unlike mass produced whiskeys, our products don’t use shortcuts or any artificial ingredients or additives. Instead we focus on quality control from start to finish and precise calculations throughout the entire process. We also add a touch of Southern sweetness by aging it in oak barrels made locally from selectively harvested white oak trees grown in nearby Appalachian forests. This handcrafted approach gives us an edge over other traditional whiskeys, resulting in perfectly flavored nuanced notes and depth you’ll taste each sip!

The Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Chattanooga Founders Whiskey

Chattanooga Founders Whiskey is a celebrated whiskey brand that has been making great achievements in the spirits world. It is produced by independent craft distillery, Chattanooga Distillery which was founded in 2015 by John and Jake Kobylanski. Now, let’s get into some of the things you should know about this delightful whiskey:

1. Notes of Caramel and Spice: When you take your first sip, you’ll enjoy tasty notes of caramel and spice. This distinctive taste comes from the careful selection of grains used to make their signature mash bill. There’s a good balance between sweetness and earthy complexity that delivers something unique from sip to sip.

2. Handcrafted Tennessee Whiskey: Every bottle of Chattanooga Founders Whiskey is crafted with care at their local Tennessee distillery using only grain harvested within 300 miles of the facility for an ultra-local spirit experience. They also use traditional methods like cypress fermentation tanks to ensure the highest quality product possible.

3. Awards & Recognition: Chattanooga Founders Whiskey has since won international awards including Best American Craft Single Barrel Whiskey from World Whiskies Awards, Champion U.S Small Batch Whisky at San Francisco World Spirits Competition and many more prestigious awards recognized globally

4. Three Unique Types: Whether you’re looking for smoothness or bold flavors, they’ve got it covered with their triple barrel aged expression bottled when its ready rather than aging it year over year until its shipshape according to an artificial timeline as other whiskeys do instead; Aged Straight; Port Finished; Rye Finished – each offering its own distinct flavor profile representing what contemporary whisky should be today

5. Charitable Contributions : In addition to providing consumers with delicious whiskey, they share the wealth their success brings back into the community through charitable contributions across a variety of causes ranging from local non-profits in growth conservation initiatives as well environmental protection initiatives with wildlife habitats & animal species research .

All these combine

Understanding the Business of Chattanooga Founders Whiskey

Chattanooga Founders Whiskey is an exciting new spirit crafted in the heart of Tennessee. The whiskey itself has deep connections to the region, with a recipe that was developed centuries ago by an early American distilling family in Chattanooga. Aged in oak barrels for up to ten years, this well-balanced whiskey exhibits notes of oak, leather, pepper and apricot on the nose as well as hints of vanilla and honey on the palate. It is an ideal companion for any special occasion or celebratory gathering.

The business behind Chattanooga Founders Whiskey goes beyond the production of high-quality craft spirits. At its very core, it represents community development—connecting those who have lived here for generations to those who are just discovering what this vibrant city has to offer. With each bottle purchased and every sip shared, founders in both senses—the original whiskey makers and current entrepreneurs—are woven further into Chattanooga’s fabric through stories and connections that span times and eras.

Beyond creating a top-shelf product, this company works hard to elevate local initiatives by engaging with makers throughout the city while encouraging collaboration among other artisanal businesses such as breweries and bars. They have also been committed from day one to hosting educational seminars about crafting barrel-aged products so that more individuals can understand how small batch whiskey processing works at its roots level.

At the end of the day, Chattanooga Founders Whiskey remains dedicated not only to producing a premier spirit but also striving for meaningful change within their town by responding thoughtfully to social issues through economic action (ie: employing Chattanooga locals) along with participating in other grassroots efforts whenever possible. This type of dedication makes one thing certain: once you become acquainted with this amazing brand, it will stay close in your heart–and glass–for years to come!

Conclusion: Summing Up the History and Process Behind Chattanooga Founders Whiskey

In conclusion, Chattanooga Founders Whiskey is a unique and historic whiskey made in the heart of Tennessee. After Prohibition ended, an entrepreneur established their namesake business with the desire to replicate the beloved pre-Prohibition recipes. To make their award-winning spirit, they combine rye and yellow corn mash then distill it in two types of traditional pot stills. The whiskey is then matured in hand-selected barrel staves, each one crafted according to historical methods. The result? A golden-hued whiskey that incorporates flavors of round sweetness and dried fruits. This smooth culmination is complemented by hints of vanilla and spice, making it a must-try if you’re getting into craft spirits. There’s no doubt that Chattanooga Founders Whiskey has stood out since its introduction; here’s looking toward another enduring century of success for this legendary Tennessee brand!

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