Mississippis Cathead Distillery is Gaining Attention – Will Whiskey Drinkers Take Note?

Mississippis Cathead Distillery is Gaining Attention – Will Whiskey Drinkers Take Note?

Introduction to Mississippis Cathead Distillery – What Whiskey Drinkers Need to Know

Mississippi’s Cathead Distillery is a family-owned craft distillery that specializes in making premium whiskeys. Their mission is to create bold, exciting, and small-batch spirits with a distinctly Southern flavor. Founded in 2014, Cathead Distillery has quickly become a must know for whiskey drinkers looking for something different from the large commercial brands currently dominating the market.

This “indie” whiskey producer believes that quality ingredients, traditional techniques and non-traditional flavors are needed to make truly memorable whiskeys. They source only the finest grains — usually grown just miles away on local farms — to produce their distinctive spirit base. Then they use classic fermentation methods such as batch distilling, open-air warehousing and long aging processes that preserve undeniable complexity while keeping the end product light and easy drinking.

At Cathead Distillery, you can expect to find more than just your average vanilla or caramel whiskey; they focus on unique flavors like pumpkin spice and gingerbread apple cider as well as smoky charred cedar aromas for those looking for something a bit more daring. And no matter what your taste preference may be, rest assured that every bottle of Cathead will delight both beginners and experienced connoisseurs alike.

Go ahead – give Mississippi’s Cathead Distillery a try! Whether you’re seeking something smooth to sip neat or an infusion of delicious spices deserving of rocking in your favorite cornbread muffin cup – there is sure to be something waiting inside each bottle that piques your curiosity. Step into this Memphis Mecca of moonshine manufacturing with confidence knowing every drop produced was created with passion…. Quality cocktails deserve it!

Discovering the Unique History of the Cathead Distillery, Mississippi’s First Craft Distillery

The Cathead Distillery of Jackson, Mississippi, has a unique and inspiring story. Founded in 2010 by former professional surfers Austin Evans and Richard Patrick, the craft distillery is the first legal whiskey-producing facility in Mississippi since Prohibition. Named after the traditional “cathead” measure used to ladle out rum in shanty towns during the late 1800s and early 1900s, Cathead’s flagship product – Cathead Vodka – references this Mississippi culture and celebrates some of the state’s more boisterous history.

The founders of Cathead wanted their operation to remind people about grassroots bootlegging operations that influenced so much of Mississippi culture – like cutting holes into jugs for drinking or fermenting whatever fermentation ingredients the locals could get their hands on. The team carefully recreated these historical practices during production by utilizing local sources for many of its ingredients and packaging materials. In addition to wanting to preserve local cultural heritage in this way, they also wanted to put an emphasis on sustainability into every aspect of their process; using a corn growing program used centuries ago that utilizes only organic non-GMO seeds and sustainable farming techniques as well as creating reusable bottles that can be returned by customers so they don’t create any waste products after production. This attention to detail meant that each bottle would able to be traced back to its original source – something no other craft distillery was doing at the time.

Since then, Cathead Distillery has become a leader among craft distilleries in preserving regional culture while blazing a trail forward with their commitment towards environmentally friendly processes. The team expanded from vodka production into whiskey making in 2020 when they released Whiskey Batch One from three barrel aged whisky recipes including Mississippi Ryes, High Corn Rye Finishes, and Belmont Hillcore Made Moonshines created with locally sourced corn meal according CPA standards. By including authenticity markers such as this along with traditional flavors like banana bread spice made from stuff native peoples fermented moonshine concoctions out of fifty years ago, it’s clear why Cathead Distillery has seen exponential growth within just ten years of its founding; treating customers not just to great-tasting beverages but also an experience steeped deeply within Southern history and flavor profiles

Exploring the Different Types of Spirits Produced at Cathead’s Distillery

Cathead’s Distillery is a family-owned and operated craft distillery located in Mississippi. As the first legal distillery to open in the state since Prohibition, Cathead’s is devoted to producing high quality spirits with unrivaled flavor. Founded in 2010, Cathead has rapidly become one of today’s most successful craft distilleries, crafting award-winning rums, whiskeys, vodkas and other spirits that are both delicious and distinctly Southern. With an array of products offered under their label, let’s jump into exploring the different types of spirits produced at Cathead’s Distillery.

Cathead Vodka is a unique small batch vodka made up with cat head sweet potatoes from Mississippi as well as cane sugar which when combined creates an all-natural spirit with a creamy smooth finish. Unlike many vodkas on the market today, Cathead Vodka has no added sugars or chemicals making it an incredibly clean drinking spirit that packs flavor without any aftertaste. Combined with its exquisite packaging and beautiful design, this tailored vodka will certainly have your tastebuds leaping for joy!

When beer drinkers turn to distilled liquids they can find comfort with Ms White Lightning Moonshine from Cathead’s Distillery. A grain neutral spirit made up of 90% corn mash as well as a mash bill composed of yellow dent corn this exceptionally smooth moonshine is low proof packing plenty of flavor for those who seek out strong tasting drinks. Furthermore white lightning is legally safe to consume due to being double-distilled taking it beyond what was offered back during prohibition days – so no need to fear any pesky revenuers! And with notes fruity notes such as apple & pear this particular product possesses some hidden depths that make it stand out amongst its peers – or should we say shine brightly amongst them?

For those wishing for a bit more body & kick try out the Cathead Honeysuckle Flavored Vodka. This deliciously sweet sippin’ vodka combines two favorite flavors from the south: cat head sweet potatoes and homemade honeysuckle syrup from Mississippi beekeepers! This flavored vodka not only smells delightful but also tastes like liquid sunshine with every sip possessing an unforgettable burst of southern sweetness complemented by calm undertones provided perfect harmony in each glassful consumed. Put simply this dangerously smooth drink makes for perfect partnering when used in cocktails or just simple over ice – let your palette decide how you want to enjoy it best!

Whether you fancy something traditionally traditional or desire something extra special never fear because luckily enough there’s always something fantastic coming out of Catheads Distillery! Quality crafted rums carefully infused botanical rums such as Peach Tea Rum & Ginger Lime Rum; limited edition whiskey releases including horseshoe biscuit whiskey; ambrosial seasonal cordials like Blackberry Mallow & Siberian Scrunch plus many more make sure there’ll always be exciting taste sensations worthy hunting down whenever visiting the website store (where items availability varies based on season). Therefore if you’re ever feeling thirsty why not jump online indulge yourself within delicious drinks penned by folk who clearly know what they’re doing? After all what better way could there possibly be than renting taste exploration trip courtesy of Catheads collection boasting exotic blends ideal becoming fast favourite finds amidst any connoisseurs cabinet?

Uncovering How Mississippis Craft Whiskey is Made Step by Step

Over the years, there have been many attempts to recreate Mississippian craft whiskey but the citizens of this state often know what it takes to make a great bottle. In fact, whiskey originating in Mississippi has been aged for over one hundred and fifty years! That’s quite a long time considering that most of the craft whiskeys nowadays are not even close to reaching such maturity yet. But if you want to get an insight into how these special crafts spirits came about, it’s important to take a look at how they were made in the first place.

When it comes to producing craft whiskey from Mississippi, the distilling process begins with grain selection and distiller-directed mash bills. First off, grains like corn, wheat, barley and rye are sourced from local farms within Mississippi or nearby states depending on their preference for specific connotation. Once selected, these grains will go through a cleaning before moving on to steeping them in water so that sugars and starches can be released from inside each kernel of grain. The length of steep depends on the desired taste when distilled and varies from 1-5 days depending on preference though 2-4 days is known as standard for weightier whiskey styles with darker flavors.

From there fermented wash is collected and moved through copper stills where vaporization happens repeatedly allowing all sorts of aromas, tastes and mouthfills to form during filtration transitions which result in collections similar enough where they must undergo another round of collection then lowering the ABV percentage down significantly reducing it just enough until desired flavors arise within what is distribute crafted bourbon now labeled correctly containing 52 percent or greater corn within its new Whiskey blend structure; thus making certain that a minimum percentages altered mix is accompone way creating official Mississippi Craft Whiskey status upon its completion.

Lastly when each batch reaches barreling process associated maturation phases valued at 8 months & up developed by barrel charring provides complex smokey burnish afterward become batched & bottled especially during pressurized aging releases only after tasting panel deems spirit set quality standards established within Mississippian Draft Whiskey Territory & perhaps even recognized nationally thereafter should standard protocol processing requirements meet regulatory limitation thresholds indeed production bottling would prove suitable unbreakable exceptional authentic original taste everyone may enjoy!

From this point onwards it’s only natural for each mash bill recipe created evolving out of Mississippi attaining Peak Performance Standards defining regional cast associated unique characteristics aligning flavor profiles (recently refined) fitted transparently throughout markets outside & beyond “The Magnolia State” sovereign regions knowledgeably defined per area shared set expectations hence spirits produced being distributed keeping Delta Residents proud appropriately served revealing secrets involving craft tipple nevertheless encouraging recent Entrepreneurial Initiatives leading improving possible livelihood future generations mississippians “proving vital part needed formulating success bringing back traditional lifelong dreamers.”

Exploring an FAQ About Mississippis Whiskey & The Cathead Distillery

1. What is Mississippi whiskey?

Mississippi whiskey is a craft-distilled spirit made by the Cathead Distillery in Jackson, Mississippi. It is crafted from 100% corn and has a smooth, rich flavor that rivals many of the more respected whiskeys from other parts of the country. Misssissippi whiskey is aged in white oak barrels for up to two years, allowing its unique flavor profile to be developed over time. A distinctive richness derives from the blending of several crisp notes peppermint, caramel and sweet corn, creating something completely different than any other distillery’s blend.

2. Where does Mississippi whiskey come from?

Mississippi Whiskey comes from the Cathead Distillery in Jackson, Mississippi. Founded in 2010, it promises to “keep it local”—all ingredients are sourced within 40 miles of their facility and only uses water taken directly from an aquifer beneath their building. The first batch was produced in 2012 after 3 years in aging barrels and released exclusively at their taproom shortly thereafter!

3. What type of barrel does Cathead Distillery use for their whiskey?

At Cathead Distillery they age all of their whiskey barrels using high quality #3 Char American white oak barrels which are charred on the interior to extract additional flavors while preserving long lasting smoothness and boldness that sums up Cathead’s signature taste! The char level also helps to remove some unpleasant flavors so only pleasant undertones remain present throughout sipping experience when consuming this premium product!

4. Are there any special awards that have been won by Mississippi Whiskey?

Yes! In 2015, Cathead Vodka was awarded with double gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition and since then has gone on winning multiple international awards such as “Best Flavored Spirit” in Europe and Asia! Additionally, its signature Age Rye earned top honors at 2020 World Whiskies Awards competition held annually in New York where they were awarded Gold medal for Best Straight Rye category!. These awards further speak volume about how distinguished tastes ingrained this offering holds globally among connoisseurs who see quality & value outstanding products alike!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Catheads Whiskies Before Trying Any

1. Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka: This unique vodka from Catheads Whiskies is distilled from sweet honey and fruit, resulting in a smooth and citrusy sip that can be enjoyed straight or as a mixer. It’s also the only vodka certified as gluten free in the U.S., which makes it perfect for those who may have allergies or sensitivities to gluten-containing grains.

2. Cathead Cottonmouth Mint Lime Liquor: If you’re looking for something with a twist, then look no further than this tasty concoction. Combining lime juice and peppermint extract with their signature whiskey mash bill, this particular drink has a surprisingly fresh flavor profile that will definitely catch your taste buds by surprise!

3. Cathead Firewater Whiskey Cask Finish: An aged whisky made up of three separate whiskey mashes aged separately in charred American oak barrels that were then married together before being finished off with a charring of more new oak barrel staves to create an intense yet balanced flavor experience.

4. Cathead Pumpkin Spice Latte Flavored Blended Whiskey: Much like its namesake suggests, this intriguing whisky blend takes classic fall flavors like pumpkin spice and blends them with creamy milk and aged whiskies to create a cozy sipper meant to be enjoyed while enjoying all of your favorite autumn activities!

5. Cathead Peach Pie Flavored Whiskey Liqueur: By introducing natural peach notes alongside other appealing aromas and flavors like gingerbread and brown sugar, this liqueur combines classic pie ingredients into one easy-to-enjoy spirit sure to bring together friends and family during any happy hour gathering!

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