Exploring the 2022 Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour

Exploring the 2022 Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour

Introduction to the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022: Overview and History

Pendleton Whiskey is an iconic whiskey brand with roots extending back to 1883. Known for its smooth, barrel-aged spirits and craftsmanship, the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour is a unique experience that takes you on a journey through time to discover more about the history of Pendleton’s most beloved whiskey.

The Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 is a seventeen day tour of exploration, featuring stops throughout the nation in places such as Washington D.C., Tennessee, Texas and New York City. During this journey you get to visit multiple distilleries, sample some of their finest whiskeys and learn from experts in the field of craft spirits. Guests will also get to experience the culture and atmosphere surrounding each distillery they visit so they can truly appreciate how their whiskey has been aged over many years.

Founded by master distiller Ben Waldman in 1883, Pendleton was originally focused on creating quality whiskeys made with locally sourced grains sourced only from farmers within 100 miles of its distillery. Since then it’s become one of the most successful whiskeys sold in Northwest America thanks to its smooth flavor style and commitment to quality ingredients coupled with great customer service. With additional expansions into markets across America, Canada and Europe there really isn’t any other American whiskey like it today.

The Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 promises guests a chance see first-hand where their favorite spirit comes from while sampling some exclusive offerings not available elsewhere outside a few select locations around the United States such as The Famous Saloon in NYC or Jackson Trading Company in Austin TX for example. You’ll also have access to behind-the-scenes tours at certain locations providing insights into how each bottle is made from grain selection all the way through bottling process ensuring all batches are consistent everytime out of gates!

If you’re interested in learning more about the history and production process behind this unique whiskey, don’t miss your

Planning a Trip to the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022: Important Dates, Travel Tips and Venues

The Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 is a versatile event that is dedicated to giving attendees an experience of whiskey-like no other. At this event, you’ll have the opportunity not only to sample whiskey from different distilleries, but also immerse yourself in its culture and attend seminars with industry experts.

If you’re looking for information about the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll go over important dates, travel tips and venues for the event so you can make sure your experience is as successful as possible!

Important Dates:

The Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 runs from June 25th until July 4th. Before attending, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the dates of each stop on the tour. Each distillery highlights their specialties at different stops along the tour route, so it will be important to plan which ones to visit ahead of time. The map provided by Pendleton makes it extremely easy to find all of the details regarding each stop.

Travel Tips:

When planning a trip to attend one or more of the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 events, there are several things to keep in mind when making arrangements for lodging and transportation. Firstly, consider staying in downtown locations near public transportation hubs whenever possible; this will make getting around much simpler and allow for optimal exploration during your stay. Additionally, be sure to book ahead—popular whiskeys sell out fast due to their limited availability! Last but most definitely not least– don’t forget that ages 21 and older are allowed entry into all events on tour days (bring an ID).


The full list of venues on the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 include five whisky bars across six cities (New York City; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Denver; Portland and Seattle). Each participating venue offers unique takes

Understanding What’s at Stake During the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022: Rules and Awards

When it comes to whiskey events, the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 is an incredibly exciting one. Featuring a unique blend of speed, high-octane racing, and whiskey tasting this event promises to be like no other. And at its heart lie the intricate rules and awards that make it so incredible.

Entrants must compete in two distinct courses – the short distance course and long distance course – to qualify for awards. In order to compete in either course they must maintain their “velocity” throughout the entire race, meaning they cannot lose or gain speed while traversing the limestone roads that form their respective courses. The winner is determined by who maintains their velocity until they cross the finish line first. In addition to maintaining speed entrants must also adhere to various safety regulations outlined by local governments and meet certain qualifications which will vary depending on each locality. It is worth noting that penalties may be imposed if these regulations are not adhered too strictly.

The Pressure Matters award goes to any driver brave enough to succeed under the intense pressure of competing for the ultimate prize — a year supply of Pendleton Whisky! The most dangerous drivers earn points accumulating along each road from start to finish and those with the most points are collected into an elite pack known as ‘the pressure masters.’ Keep in mind though; there are some rules when it comes down to accumulating said points: cars must be kept below 85 mph during corners, adhere strictly to safety regulations and one random lucky person will be chosen from this ‘elite’ group at random and punished(jokingly of course) with additional points added up past what’s already amassed – that’s how serious we take our whiskey competitions!

When it comes time for awards, entrants can expect cash prizes equal or greater than $20k USD depending on both location and standings within competition as well as an exclusive trophy commemorating success amongst competitors across multiple states & countries alike – not something handed out lightly! Plus, all those

Having Fun with the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022: Activities and Experiences

The Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 is sure to be an exciting and memorable experience for all its participants! The tour will include stops in some of the greatest cities in America, offering a plethora of activities, experiences and entertainment. From visits to local hotspots for drinks and food to bowling nights or trips to nearby theme parks and sports arenas, there’s something for everyone.

There are numerous ways to enjoy the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022. The first would be by engaging in sampling opportunities. With each stop on the tour comes a new chance to sample the unique and award-winning Pendleton Whisky. There will also be other local libations available so that participants can taste traditional regional beverages as well as some exotics twists alongside their whiskey experience.

The tour wouldn’t be complete without recreational activities. At every stop, there are various exciting experiences awaiting participants such as mini-golf tournaments or laser tag games, allowing people of all ages to engage with each other while having fun doing it. In addition, live music performances give tour-goers ample opportunity to dance and sing along with some popular area bands. There may even be a few surprise shows during the course of the tour!

Finally, no visit would be complete without exploring what each city has to offer outside of their Pendleton Whisky events—there’s always something interesting for everyone! Take time out from enjoying your whisky on one day for sightseeing or explore shopping venues or historic attractions located near every venue hosting this groundbreaking itinerary – you’re sure to leave having enjoyed both learning about your surroundings and testing out some amazing combinations of whiskey labels!

FAQs About Exploring the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022

Q: What is the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour?

A: The Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes place across four states – Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Montana. It is a road trip like no other. It offers adventurous travelers the chance to explore some of the region’s most distinctive craft distilleries and discover what makes each of them uniquely special. Along the way participants will have exclusive opportunities to sample rare vintage whiskeys, speak with dynamic whiskey makers, and enjoy craft cocktails set against stunning mountain vistas or by waterfalls. There’s even time for some outdoor activities such as hiking or rafting depending on the location! The tour culminates at Pendleton Round-Up in Eastern Oregon for a night of great music and fun.

Q: Who can go on this tour?

A: Anyone 21+ who meets basic physical requirements outlined in sign-up material can join this unique adventure! Every tour participant must be 21 years of age or older and adhere to all applicable lawful restrictions throughout the trip. Travelers should come prepared with proof of age (photo ID) if asked by any event staff member prior to entrance.

Q: What is included in my ticket?

A: When you purchase your ticket you’ll get access to all activities along the 4 state route including behind the scenes tours of several premium craft distilleries; tastings and pairings at each destination; luxury transportation between locations; access to outdoor activities such as rafting or hiking (optional); tickets to Pendleton Round-Up; accommodation at selected locations; welcome cocktail upon arrival plus daily snacks/refreshments throughout tour duration; unifying souvenir gifts for all passengers.* Additional amenities may be added dependent upon location/availability (*some additional charges may apply).

Q: How many people are allowed in each van?

A: Each van holds up 10 passengers maximum but 8

Top 5 Facts Revealed from Exploring the Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022

The Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 is set to be an unforgettable event of music, outdoor adventure and celebration. This tour will take its guests on a journey through some incredible destinations across the country and offer them an amazing opportunity to experience the history, outdoors and culture of each place they visit. The Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 promises to be an authentic experience like no other, with both live performances from top artists and immersive cultural experiences that provide insight into the pasts and present lives of these diverse locations. Here are 5 facts revealed from exploring the tour:

1. Routes & Destinations – The Pendleton Whiskey Velocity Tour 2022 will take guests deep into nature by winding through incredible destinations in stunning National Parks. Destinations include Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, North Cascades National Park in Washington state, Grand Teton National Park in Idaho, Acadia National Park in Maine, Death Valley National Park in California and Zion National Park Utah.

2. Artist Lineup – With a star-studded lineup headlining the tour including Grammy Award winning musicians Brad Paisley and David Nail it’s sure to be a concert series not to miss! Alongside them are rock band Dashboard Confessional as well as up-and-coming acts such as New York folk singer Shakey Graves and northwest indie rockers Black Belt Eagle Scout. Country artist Kasey Tyndall rounds out this stellar list of performers making for a diverse offering of music sure to please any crowd.

3. On Site Activities – Photographers won’t want to miss out on special activities designed just for them during their stay onsite at each certain destination, with all skill levels welcome! Photography workshops hosted by seasoned professionals will provide valuable learning opportunities before setting off into the wilds around each national park on individualized shooting scavenger hunts guided by professional shooters who have mastered the art form! Plus participants can expect wax

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