Discovering the Rich Flavors of Alberta Springs Whiskey

Discovering the Rich Flavors of Alberta Springs Whiskey

Introduction to Alberta Springs Whiskey: History, Craftsmanship and Production

Alberta Springs Whiskey has been around for over a century, but it is only recently that it has gained popularity due to its unique taste and smooth finish. The whiskey is made with the best of Canada’s grain, water and tradition.

History: Alberta Springs Whiskey was created in 1909 by J.O. Mitchell after he traveled from Ireland to Canada looking for a better life on his own terms. Not long after settling in Alberta, Mitchell opened up his first distillery and began producing a blended whiskey using native Canadian grains like rye, barley, wheat and corn. In the early 1900s, traditional Canadian distilling techniques (the Coffey or Pot Still) were used to produce what would eventually become Alberta Springs Whiskey – a full-bodied blend of character and flavor not found anywhere else at the time.

Craftsmanship: Each bottle of Alberta Springs Whiskey is carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail starting with their locally sourced ingredients all the way through to their hand-filled bottles that are given extra aging time before being released onto shelves. From mashings to proofing measurements, even filtering procedures; every little step is given special care when creating this premium whiskey product while keeping true to Mitchell’s original recipe from over 100 years ago!

Production: Alberta Spring’s signature blending process starts off by steeping five different Canadian grains in cold mountain spring water for 12 hours each night before being distilled twice using the traditional Coffey still method. After it’s double-distilled, their uniquely mellow character comes through as two different batches are mixed together – one barrel aged for 2 years and another aged for 4 years – before being bottled at 84 proof (42% ABV). This age-old process helps ensure that each batch of Alberta Springs Whiskey takes on a distinct flavor profile that always results in an exceptionally smooth product well worth savoring!

Exploring the Unique Taste of Alberta Springs Whiskey

Alberta Springs whiskey has something special to offer whisky aficionados. This distinct spirit offers a unique blend of flavors that many whisky connoisseurs come back for time and time again.

The whiskey is created using grain from one of the oldest crops available, spring barley grown in Alberta’s most fertile regions. It is distilled and aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels subjected to rigorous quality control standards, before being bottled for sale. The result is a smooth and complex whisky that stands out from others within the category.

On the nose you will notice caramel undertones with an earthy base note balanced by hints of citrus fruits and soft berries such as elderberry and raspberry. On the palate, this medium-bodied whisky offers sweet notes along with subtle spices and warm baking aromas which provide a nice complexity.

Richness grows on sip after sip as this well-rounded dram develops fuller over time. A velvety finish gives way to intense nuttiness flavor with lingering smokiness at the end, making it ideal for sipping after dinner or enjoyed neat or on ice anytime day or night.

Alberta Springs Whiskey provides so much more than just an enjoyable drinking experience; it allows drinkers to immerse themselves in its proudly Canadian heritage through its unique flavor profile which celebrates local ingredients found right here in Alberta’s rich farmland and hallowed history of craft distilling.

The Lore and Legends of Alberta Springs Whiskey

Alberta Springs whiskey is a Canadian whiskey with a storied and legendary past that spans over decades. It all started in the late 1800s when Alberta, Canada received an influx of immigrants from Scotland and Ireland who brought their own traditions and tastes for whisky along with them. For these early settlers, whisky provided more than just a social beverage to enjoy – it also served as an essential medicine for many ailments!

As the demand for whisky grew, Calgary’s budding distillers began sourcing the purest waters available on the prairies – this is where Alberta Springs’ journey begins. After finding the perfect water sources, they experimented with different types of barrels and techniques until they emerged with something truly unique — a Canadian whiskey unlike any other: Alberta Springs!

Since its debut, Alberta Springs has become known by connoisseurs around the world as one of the best whiskies you can find, but even beyond its taste lies a mystery surrounding its distinctive flavor. Many believe that it’s due to an ‘enchanted natural artesian spring’ located near Black Diamond AB which provides both pure water and a subtle smokiness to each bottle!

But if there is truth behind the legend – or not – doesn’t really matter… what matters is that Alberta Springs continues to be poured into glasses around homes and bars everywhere today just like it was back then. A perfectly-crafted blend of time-honored tradition and modern craftsmanship have made this Canadian classic rarity—one filled up with lore as well as flavor!

Step-by-Step Guide to Home Brewing Your Own Alberta Springs Whiskey

Aside from the joys of seeing an old-fashioned still churning out fragrant spirits, making your own whiskey brings a sense of accomplishment that’s difficult to match. The tantalizing process of fermenting renowned Alberta Springs grains and malted barley produces not only a memorable pastime, but also a unique blend of spice and flavor that you can call your very own.

Brewing knowledge certainly helps during this multi-step endeavor, but our easy guide will take you through each step in the home distilling process – no previous experience necessary.

Step 1: Calculate your malt bill

When it comes to brewing Alberta Springs whiskey at home, nothing is more important than understanding your malt bill. This is essentially the ratio between base malts, like Pilsner or Vienna malts and specialty malts such as chocolate rye or roasted wheat grain if desired. Typically this ratio should be slightly lighter on unleaded base malts while maintaining an increase in specialty malted grains as they make up most of the flavor complexity found in aged whiskeys typically formed after 6 months or longer.

Step 2: Select Your Yeast Strain

Once you’ve settled on your desired malt bill, selecting a yeast strain can be one of the more entertaining aspects to homebrewing because there are so many options available! Factors like ABV limitations when distilling and temperature control may aid you in deciding which yeast strain (or combination thereof) best suit your needs for Alberta Springs Whiskey production. Certain strains add sweetness and flavors like nutty notes or honey while others impart subtle fruity esters depending on what type of product end goal you have for your batch.

Step 3: Mashing & Fermentation for Whisky Production

After selecting a suitable yeast strain(s), mashing should begin with single infusion techniques being employed at temperatures ranging from 154°F – 158°F (68°C – 70°C). During mashing, enzymes present within crushed

Frequently Asked Questions About Alberta Springs Whiskey

Q: What distillation process is used to make Alberta Springs whiskey?

A: Alberta Springs whiskey is crafted from a small, single-pot still (also known as a pot still) distillation process. The whiskey is distilled from a mash bill that contains malted barley and rye, with the malt providing most of the flavour for the whiskey. After the grains are mashed and fermented, they are then placed in the pot still and heated up to vapourise any alcohol present and turn it into liquid. This liquid passes through several copper plates that act as both a filter and rectification column to remove any impurities before it makes its way out of the still. Finally, this newly distilled spirit is aged in charred white oak barrels for two years before being bottled and sold as Alberta Springs Whiskey.

Q: What flavour profile can I expect from an Alberta Springs Whiskey?

A: As the result of its unique single-pot still distillation process, Alberta Springs Whiskey offers consumers an intense yet smooth sip filled with unique flavours like creamy malted barley, sweet rye grain and caramelized wood spice balanced perfectly with notes of vanilla, oak and tobacco. All these flavours come together to provide an outstanding taste experience on every sip.

Q: What should I mix Alberta Springs Whiskey with?

A: Since whisky should be savoured on its own to get all its complex layers of flavour, we highly recommend drinking it neat or over charcoal filtered ice cubes for best tasting results. However if you are looking for something different you can always experiment by mixing your favourite high-proof whisky cocktail like Manhattan or Old Fashioned with some quality premium ingredients such as maple syrup or bitters to give your drink an added depth of character. We also recommend adding some Soda Water or Tonic Water instead of Cola if you wish to keep it light yet interesting!

Top 5 Facts About Alberta Springs Whiskey

Alberta Springs Whiskey is a Canadian rye whiskey distilled and bottled in Alberta. It is made from 100 per cent Canadian-grown rye grain and boasts a unique flavor not unlike Scotch or Irish Whiskey. Here are five interesting facts about this distinctive spirit:

1. Alberta Springs Whiskey Gets Its Unique Taste From Natural Scents: This whiskey contains natural aromatics derived from the sugar maples that grow in the area surrounding Lake Louise. The water used to make it comes from spring-fed creeks, which provide an additional earthy dimension to its character.

2. Aged For at Least Three Years Before Bottling: Unlike many whiskeys, Alberta Springs Whiskey is aged for at least three years before being released, allowing time for it to develop its smooth, distinctive taste. During the aging process, only charred new oak barrels are used – these impart flavors of vanilla, coconut and spice that linger on the finish.

3. All-Natural Ingredients Make It Highly Drinkable: Since no additives are added, such as coloring agents or preservatives, Alberta Springs Whiskey tastes very clean and does not require any mixer or ice cube to make it drinkable – though you may want them for taste!

4.Award Winning: Alberta Springs Whiskey has won multiple awards including gold medal honors from prestigious competitions such as the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) and Canadian Whisky Awards (CWA).

5. “Made With Pride”: That’s the exciting tagline on each bottle of Alberta Springs Whiskey – a reminder of its origins with local producers who work hard to craft something amazing every time they distil this remarkable spirit!

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