Discover the Winning Combination: Washington Capitals Whiskey – A Must-Try for Hockey Fans!

Discover the Winning Combination: Washington Capitals Whiskey – A Must-Try for Hockey Fans!

**Short answer washington capitals whiskey:** Washington Capitals Whiskey is a limited-edition single malt American whiskey produced by the Virginia-based distillery, KO Distilling. Created in collaboration with the NHL team, this premium spirit pays tribute to hockey fans and commemorates their favorite sport’s legacy.

What is Washington Capitals whiskey?

Washington Capitals whiskey is a special edition line of spirits that was created to commemorate the team’s first ever Stanley Cup championship win in 2018. The collection includes limited-edition bottles with unique designs featuring the Washington Capitals logo and other hockey-related imagery.

Here are some key facts about this particular type of whiskey:

1. It was released by local distillery One Eight Distilling, which is based in Northeast D.C.
2. There are three different varieties: Rye Whiskey (which has won multiple awards), Rock Creek Bourbon, and an American Malt Whiskey
3. Each bottle comes with its own collectible box
4. There were only a few thousand bottles available for purchase

These whiskeys boast rich flavors ranging from notes like dark chocolate to oak smoke- making them truly exceptional sippin’ drams!

One interesting thing about these whiskies aside from being connected to one of DC’s most beloved teams – they’re matured using extra-charred barrels– giving each sip just enough complexity without becoming too overpowering on your palate.

The approachable price points around $60-$80 per bottle make it possible even for casual fans or those not typically into drinking whisky more accessible than other premium bottlings. And whether you’re rooting yourself at home during game night or looking happily ahead their next victory dance celebration — there isn’t any shame popping open some fine malt when we look back fondly as loyal supporters cheering our favorite athletes onto history record book territories.

Where can I buy Washington Capitals whiskey?

Looking for the perfect addition to your Washington Capitals game day experience? Look no further than their official whiskey! But where can you buy it, you ask? Here are some options:

  1. Visit a local liquor store – many stores carry specialty liquors and may have the Caps whiskey in stock.
  2. Check online retailers like Drizly or ReserveBar that offer delivery straight to your doorstep.
  3. Go directly to One Eight Distilling’s website which produces and sells the Caps’ own brand of rye.

Keep in mind that availability may vary based on location, so be sure to call ahead if visiting a physical store.

Once acquired, enjoy this unique beverage as described by One Eight: “The spirit displays notes of candied apple cider complemented with hints of honeycomb candy characteristic from ageing exclusively in wheat whisky barrels.”

Sip responsibly while cheering on our favorite hockey team!

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