Discover the Rich History and Bold Flavors of Old Prairie Whiskey

Discover the Rich History and Bold Flavors of Old Prairie Whiskey

**Short answer old prairie whiskey:** Old Prairie Whiskey is a bourbon-style distilled spirit made using 100% organic, non-GMO corn by the High West Distillery in Utah. It has distinctive flavors of honey and caramel with just the right amount of smoke and vanilla notes from its oak barrel aging process.

The History of Old Prairie Whiskey: How it All Began

The history of Old Prairie Whiskey is a fascinating tale that has captured the attention and taste buds of whiskey lovers for generations. From its humble beginnings in small batch distilleries to becoming a household name, this American spirit tells an exceptional story about innovation, dedication and hard work.

From log cabins scattered throughout rural America to bustling cities like New York City or Chicago, people have enjoyed drinking whiskey since before it was even called “whiskey”. In fact, historians believe that distilled spirits may date back as far as 800 BC! But what we do know for certain is how some specific whiskeys found their start – such as Old Prairie Whiskey.

Old Prairie’s roots go all the way back to colonial times when farmers began using leftover crops-such as rye instead other grains-to create new libations with unique flavor profiles. The production process continued evolving over time until families would develop special recipes passed down through successive generations featuring locally sourced ingredients from nearby farms and fields combined with methods learned along each step of ones own journey.

As time progressed into the era after prohibition ended up transforming whisky making across United States forever by removing alcohol legislation limiting enjoyment many citizens discovered refined tastes towards evermore intricate flavors than those drinks previously had offered; thus emerging brands which challenged conventionality just imagine bottling one’s family folklore secrets creating varieties too diabolic exhilarating our senses!

Nowadays you can buy bourbon anywhere: no matter if at your local supermarket or online store but few things compare seeking out prairie grass lands where once stood old homesteads turned bootlegger shacks producing moonshine during years past–visited them also? Forgo safely transported ready-made whiskies & follow historic trails enjoying delicious beverages made right there on site traditional style dating long ago.

In conclusion

While nobody knows precisely who first invented Americas beloved beverage known now universally simply steps taken continue striving toward perfection helped make world-class alcoholic creations sought-after dearly wherever palates have discovered aroma Oak, Honeycomb or molasses blended with a kick. Old Prairie Whiskey all started because of people nonstop searching for something different from established yet still striving to rise up against the expected norms and fulfill their passions – as you might continue doing so too while sharing tumblers filled with World Class history-in-the-making spoken whispered into its depths over romantic campfires both at home & away!

Distilling Techniques that Make Old Prairie Whiskey Unique

We’re going to take a deep dive into the distilling techniques that make old prairie whiskey unique. Old Prairie Whiskey is known for its smooth, complex taste and incredible depth of flavor which it gets from several distinct processes that are part of traditional straight rye whiskey production.

Mash Bill

One significant factor in making distinctive Prairie Whiskey lies in its mash bill, typically made up mainly of rye grains containing Malted barley & corn at varying percentages depending on their recipe. Rye tends to have more spice notes than other types as well as moving nutrients through enzymes better thanks to germination during malting but malted barely will add depth with bolstering enzymatic breakdown while adding sweetness unto beer or wort prior fermentations (which should be either sour mashing or sweet).

The fermentation process

Fermentation is an essential stage after the grain processing towards any alcoholic drink production where yeast consumes sugars available releasing heat energy ethanol plus carbon dioxide gases byproducts through anaerobic reproduction cycles growing populations within tanks usually between 5-7 days duration transforming your “WORT” originating initially brewed via stove top/heat source combination cooking comprising boiled down water mixed along with tasty ingredients milkshake-like appearance minus allowing fizzling gas before cooling thereafter inoculating specific freeze-dried/dehydrated strains doing weeding out unwanted organisms served together providing targeted flavors profiles intended onto final product – OId Prairie Straight RYe WHisK(e)y!

Distillation Process

Beginning right around when proper testing period completes signals readiness although decisions whether blending barrels occur anytime henceforth; crucial moment rests seeing what comes off first column still’s fresh vapors rising Heavenwards equipped chiller/cooler cooled liquid amid coiled copper thus condensed later becoming new spirit added complete vanilla-roasted marshmallow character harvested beforehand- easy-going lingering finish whilst savoring signature green apple hug touch homely familiarity wave welcome sensory experience definitive proof anything worthy service duty glass.


Last but not least comes the aging, Prairie Whiskey is distilled and placed in oak barrels to age. The particular type of barrel used for aged whiskey, based on various ‘char’ levels plus grain species (such as American White Oak), contributes unique vanilla notes while increasing depth through oxygenation now filtering unwanted compounds via slower diffusion processes upon low temps prolonged durations into liquid center resulting penetrating breathability penetrated “angel share.” Finally we get finished product that can be sipped or mixed with any other flavorful combination yielding characteristic profile signature Old Prairie Straight Rye Whisky has always been known.
In conclusion, it’s safe to say the distillation process behind old prairie straight rye whisky provides trademark versatility creating mouth-watering variations esteemed connoisseurs relish chasing down which further advances taste stages over these years at no expense affordability maintained by bridging technology ancient wisdom passed numerous generations heightened expectations amongst craft spirits enthusiasts thus staying relevant providing timeless classic sort experience unto today’s modern drinking era enjoyed cleanly shot rocks unconventional cocktail imaginable sure keep people coming back more again!

Tasting Notes and Flavor Profile of Classic Old Prairie Whiskey

We have a passion for whiskey and are always on the hunt for new flavors to satisfy our taste buds. For us, nothing compares to the rich aroma of Classic Old Prairie Whiskey – it is truly one of a kind. In this article, we will delve into its tasting notes and flavor profile while also providing you with some interesting facts about this cherished drink.


Before revealing more about Classic Old Prairie Whiskey’s specific attributes, let’s give some background information regarding how this particular brand became such an iconic classic in history.

old Prarie dates back over 200 years when settlers from eastern U.S wanted their own commodity producers instead of dependance from distilleries imported “spirits” (whiskeys were referred so then) So naturally there was never-ending competition among these breweries during those times which led them continuously improvising upon brewing techniques leading creating something extraordinary- that one fine day someone coined “Old prairie”. As time went by tastes developed as well technology advanced refining brews further presenting different blends through amalgamating malted barley finest rye grains plus water sourced locally or neighboring areas near facility .


The initial impression on smelling old Proary presents hints at spicier characteristics like cinnamon , nutmeg.. alluring smell coming off glass captivates senses already starting salivating desire palate getting just fraction; Vanilla scent mingling perfectly with caramelizing Brown sugar gives cues fortified oak casket aging process undertaken antiques helping bring out what makes exceptional part aftertaste savor long fruited finish sets bitter twists scotcing inside mouth!

Palate Tasting

Taking sip first glance enticing vibrant amber hue soothes eyes delightfully sinking warmth surroundings overall wooden charectristics provide safety lead bringing authentic cowboy vibes even if person miles away countryside life Alongside bready grainy-like undertones tongue registering subtle nuances Like wet earthen mud dried under sun mixing smoke together leathery with notes reminiscent gunpowder mouth smooth passes effortlessly bitter oranges. The first hit of oak, pepper showing blend spices needed special technique making this specific Whiskey.


Old Prairie’s essence really comes forth in aftertaste linger; chocolate flavor marries well plummy overtone whiskeys turn toasty hazelnut wood smoke lingering inside you for too long leaving excited finish..

In conclusion, Classic Old Prairie Whiskey is a unique and delicious whiskey that embodies the history and artistry behind distillation processes going back hundreds of years ago by settlers leading up to days today.. Remembering nose initial impression makes person salivate before tasting when finally getting chance one recognizes rare experience make everyday ordinary stuff seem pedestrian ..This means acquiring bottle promises never tiring taste- every time imbibed offering different characteristics showcasing brand exceptional as ever each sip takes closer appreciation spirits from past generations their beautiful skill levels used create something so majestic!

New Approaches to Drinking Old Prairie whiskey: Cocktail Recipes

We all know that nothing quite hits the spot like a good Old Prairie whiskey. But have you ever thought of spicing things up with some creative cocktail recipes?

With New Approaches to Drinking Old Prairie Whiskey, we bring you a comprehensive guide on how to elevate your whiskey drinking experience by mixing it with other components and creating unique cocktails.

Whether you’re celebrating an occasion or enjoying happy hour after work, these inventive concoctions will surely impress your guests or satisfy your cravings for something new.

1) The Smokey Manhattan
– 2 oz. old prairie whiskey
– 1/4 oz. maple syrup
– Dash Angostura bitters
– Splash Lagavulin scotch whisky

Directions: Combine ingredients in shaker filled with ice; shake vigorously until chilled evenly throughout before straining over fresh ice into serving glass(es). Garnish each drink as desired (e.g., orange peel strips).

This variation offers a smokey twist to an American classic by adding notes of peat from Islay Scotch Whisky while still showcasing’s our flavorful rye & bourbon blend at its heart thanks partly due in part through use sweet yet mild flavors found within Maple Syrup – which adds complexity without overpowering.

2) Bourbon Julep Martini
-3 parts Rittenhouse Straight Rye Bottled-in-Bond.
-Crushed Ice ; handful mint leaves + sugar cube(s)
-With lime juice freshly squeezed added if preferred


Begin brewing simple syrup ahead time allowing balances between bold herbs mingling warm sweetness derived natural cane Sugar simmered alongside water unit reduced at half original volume then cooled down supply necessary ingredient profiles beforehand whereupon In large bowl thoroughly muddle mint sprigs addition granulated portions becoming fine texture one once dissimilar I’ll add shot glass full soda than just stir everything implement standard Boston style shaking strain liquid delightful glaziness stirred upon request garnished garnishes well spirit small bouquet incredibly aromatic successfully crafted must try beverage!

3) Prairie Swizzle
– 2 oz. Old Prairie whiskey
– Fresh Lemon Juice and Blood Orange Reddy for juicing fresh fruit as juice cocktail is shaken.
-Small Amount of Honey Syrup (or regular syrup, if preferred)
-Ginger Apple Cider
-Dash Bitters


Get a rocks or highball glass with crushed ice ready first since this drinks requires brisk stirring to imbibe it all up into an emulsion like no other in just seconds flat! Drop into that shaker the immense flavor intensity one can achieve by mixing Whiskey sour mix composed from freshly squeezed citrus juices such lemons & blood oranges then simply add equally portioned drops sweetening essentially turning drink virtually undrinkable ginger apple cider – now put lid over top shake vigorously rather than strain its chilled contents allow most enticing array scents permeate your senses before eventually pouring resulting elegant beauty straight on prepared glasses; sprinkle light dusting cinnamon atop salute mastery executed bartender.

In conclusion, New Approaches to Drinking Old Prairie whiskey: Cocktail Recipes presents us with various new ways to enjoy our beloved old prairie whiskies through creativity while still preserving their unique flavors and complexity benefits. From smoky Manhattans infused with peat notes added alongside maplesyrup-stabilized sweetness derived natural cane Sugar simmered addition wash eyes lit sipping Julep Martini combined freshness earned mint / lime combination finally adorn classic concoction glaze beautiful finish thanks ideal ratios between spirits carbonated water served traditional tall tumbler vessels holding large amount liquid content remaining swizzled constantly loved juicy goodness obtained via lemon/blood orange blend using entirety honey deliciousness without veering into unpalatable territory also suggested cumulating overall experience poured cubical-shaped rock!!

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