Discover the Rich Flavors of McCormick Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Discover the Rich Flavors of McCormick Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Short answer mccormick straight bourbon whiskey: McCormick Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a type of American whiskey made from at least 51% corn and aged in new, charred oak barrels. It has a smooth taste with hints of vanilla, caramel, and spice. McCormick Distilling Co., located in Weston, Missouri produces the whisky which carries an alcohol content by volume (ABV) of 40%.

What is McCormick Straight Bourbon Whiskey made of?

McCormick Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a classic American bourbon whiskey. But what makes it so special? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients that give McCormick its unique flavor and aroma.

1. Corn – The main ingredient in any bourbon whiskey is corn, which adds sweetness to the final product.

2. Rye – A spicy cereal grain often used in rye breads and whiskeys

3.Water- Pure water free of contaminants provides balance

4.Barley-Malted barley helps convert starches into fermentable sugars during distillation

The combination of these four simple yet essential components produces an intense, distinctively smooth taste that sets McCormick apart from other bourbons on the market today.

As with all straight whiskies made in America, barrels play an important role as well!

Once distilled each batch spends years maturing inside oak barrels previously toasted over open flames hence adding flavours ranging from vanilla richness upon first sip against smoky finish once matured over time.“Sour Mash” technique using amount of “backset”, residual yeast kept behind after each previous use generates results having consistency maintained through every single bottle poured out at your happy hour or enjoyed along friends & family gatherings.

In summary:
McCormik uses prime quality corn for making their straight boumorn whiskeps they also add portioned amounts such as malted-barley-smoothness-&-straight-oak-casks-notes-toastiness burnt-over-open-flames; producing remarkable deliciously aromatic content-filled aging drink ready-to-be-enjoyed by anyone anytime??

How long has McCormick been producing their Straight Bourbon Whiskey?

For those curious about the history behind McCormick’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey, you’re in luck. This beloved whiskey has quite a rich and lengthy run that dates back many decades.

Here are some quick facts to get started:

1. The first batch of McCormick’s Straight Bourbon was produced during Prohibition.
2. Production continued into the 1940s before halting for several years.
3. In recent times production resumed under new owners starting around 2016 or so.

From its roots as an underground product fueled by illicit operations, this bourbon has come full circle through trial and tribulation alike over close to a century worth of business ventures both legitimate and otherwise.

Today it is popular on shelves near all across America with more states adding it regularly.

So there we have our answer: approximately since prohibition onwards which equates to almost one hundred years ago!

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