Discover the Rich Flavors of McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey

Discover the Rich Flavors of McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey

Short answer: McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey

McCarthy’s is a single malt whiskey produced by Clear Creek Distillery in Portland, Oregon. Made from 100% Scottish barley, it is aged for three years and distilled using traditional copper pot stills. The result has been critically acclaimed as one of the best American whiskeys on the market.

What is the process for making McCarthy’s Oregon single malt whiskey?

McCarthy’s Oregon single malt whiskey is a unique and highly sought after spirit. The process for creating this incredible whiskey involves several steps that require expertise, experience, and attention to detail.

  1. Malting: Organic barley grown in the Pacific Northwest is delivered to Mecca Grade Estate Malt where it undergoes malting.
  2. Smoking: After drying out of the kiln, Manny Enchanted Woods are used as fuel for our home-built smoker (a repurposed refrigerator) which infuses smoked notes into the germinated grain.
  3. Fermentation: During fermentation with Scottish yeast strains we monitor mash temperatures controlling rising heat with cool Willamette Valley water pumped from 300’ below ground
  4. Distillation / aging/storage

During distilling at Clear Creek Distillery grappa made without cooling jackets runs through custom-made stills designed by Steve McCarthy himself followed up by “aggressive” maturation in small charred oak barrels they produce more smoke over time not less- This commitment culminates on top-quality casks left undisturbed until meeting his strict flavor standards so all spirits get aged cooperage most quality producers have gotten away from like extended Sherry Butts & Hogsheads All said effort brings awards annually including Just Whiskey World Cup “Top Ten” A coveted list among aficionados

In short? It’s an authentic labor of love rooted heavily upon traditional Scottish methods yet uniquely flavored against industrial production processes involved elsewhere. Resulting product exceeds expectations any fan can expect!

How does the taste of McCarthy’s compare to other types of single malt whiskeys?

If you’ve ever tasted McCarthy’s single malt whiskey, then you know how complex, smoky and smooth it is. This peaty drink has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other types of single malt whiskeys in the market.
Here are some ways to compare its taste with others:

1. Smokiness – While many whiskies have a certain level of smokiness because they’re made using smoked barley; McCarthy’s goes beyond just having hints as smoke fills your nostrils right away.

2. Earthy aftertaste – After savoring this subtle earthy notes indeed become one dominant feature that separates McCarthys’ Whiskey than the rest.

3. Sweetness – Many blended whiskies can be quite sweet or mild but here comes an explosion on every sip which gives flavors such us Nutty sherry sweetness tempered by woodsmoke peppery finish.

Overall there no mistaking “McCarthy’s” bold statement could live up beside Lagavulin—not overwhelming like Ardbeg—rather falls somewhere between subtleness at Glen Scotia relative aging yet greater character.

It may not likely appeal most commercial drinkers who settle for gentler brands However Every discerning palate should include Macarthy’S Scotch mores so over this hectic holiday season.

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