Discover the Rich Flavor of Big Horn Whiskey

Discover the Rich Flavor of Big Horn Whiskey

Origins of Big Horn Whiskey: The History Behind the Iconic Drink

Big Horn Whiskey has been a mainstay of the American spirit scene for over 175 years. The story of its origin dates back to before the Civil War when Scotch-Irish distillers emigrated to the United States and established settlements in what is now known as southeastern Kentucky. There, these immigrants adapted their traditional techniques and recipes to the local environment, ultimately creating their own unique style of corn-based whiskey that came to be known as Big Horn Whiskey.

The name “Big Horn” was derived from a large stream that ran through southeastern Kentucky. It is likely that this is where the first Big Horn Whiskey was created, using water from remarkable limestone spring deposits located near the creek’s banks. As word spread throughout the region about this new whiskey’s distinctive flavor, demand quickly grew and soon it became one of America’s premier distillations and remained so for generations.

Big Horn Whiskey gained popularity during the post-Civil War period, when new railways crossing over the Appalachians encouraged increased trade between states like Kentucky and established settlements in West Virginia, Ohio and Tennessee. With nationwide transportation becoming commonplace freight costs dropped exponentially and allowed more people access to this popular whiskey than ever before. This also enabled larger shipments of Big Horn Whiskey to meet strong national demand that included industries such as mining and railroad construction—as well as taverns for pleasure seekers—which lasted into World War II era with its exclusive chain clubs dotted along key rail lines.

Today, Big Horn is still viewed today by many connoisseurs as a hallmark whiskey in terms of both quality and taste; it offers smooth mellowness yet deep complexity without being overpowering or too sweet—a combination which has made it a popular choice among drinkers since its early days on brewing vats many years ago.

A Step-By-Step Guide to How Big Horn Whiskey is Made

Big Horn Whiskey is a small batch handcrafted whiskey made on the western slopes of Colorado. It’s made with locally sourced ingredients, including high-grade wheat and crystal-clear spring water. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explain exactly how Big Horn Whiskey is crafted.

Step One: Mashing

The first step in crafting Big Horn Whiskey is mashing – an integral part of its production process that takes place before fermentation. This is when the starch from the wheat and rye is converted into fermentable sugars by adding hot water to a mash tun filled with grains. During mashing, enzymes from the malted barley breakdown the starches and convert them into simple sugars to be used during fermentation.

Step Two: Fermentation

The next part of how Big Horn Whiskey is made involves fermentation – a process that creates alcohol by converting sugar into CO2 and ethanol using yeast cells. Simply put, it’s turning mash (or beer) into booze! To make Big Horn whiskey, we allow these fermented wort (the mixture created from mashing) to ferment in stainless steel tanks for up to eight days until it reaches 10% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Step Three: Distillation

Finally, we distill our finished alcoholic wash three times in copper stills specially designed for making whiskey. As such each batch has its own personality and flavor characteristics – which are further enhanced when aged in charred oak barrels of varying types. Distillation removes most of the undesired congeners while concentrating taste components that lead to a smoother finish and unparalleled character among whiskeys produced across America today. Our award winning whiskies are brewed in small batches with attention to every detail as we create something special for our customers worldwide to enjoy!

Answers to FAQs About Big Horn Whiskey

Big Horn Whiskey is a spirit brand focused on celebrating the legacy of Wyoming and the West. As such, many of our customers have a lot of questions about what makes our whiskey unique—and why they should choose it over other options. Here’s an FAQ to help explain all things Big Horn Whiskey!

Q: What sets Big Horn Whiskey apart from other whiskeys?

A: Our whiskey is crafted with care in Wyoming, inspired by generations of local stories. We look to honor the state’s heritage and culture in every sip by using ingredients from across the area. From award-winning grains grown near Laramie to the pure mountain spring that goes into each bottle, we handpick only the finest elements for our whisky. It’s slow distilled for rich flavor then aged in new American oak barrels for depth, which gives each bottle a smooth, mellow taste unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Q: Is Big Horn Whiskey gluten-free?

A: Yes! Gluten free spirits are becoming increasingly popular among spirits connoisseurs, and we take great pride in being able to provide this option. Our wheat grain mashes are triple-distilled plus further processed via fractional distillation technology which effectively removes any gluten. So while those with sensitivity can enjoy a glass of Big Horn Whiskey at ease!

Q: What type of casks are used to age your whiskey?

A: We only use new American Oak Barrels to age our whiskey because these barrels offer superior flavor at scale compared to lesser quality casks like former wine or ex-bourbon ones commonly used in mass production operations. The charring process helps bring slight smokiness and better complexity with soft vanilla notes that balances out aroma along with natural flavors derived from wheat based whiskies distilled principally through column stills – which make Wheat whiskeys some of the best tasting on Earth when true craftsmanship is applied

Famous People Who Have Enjoyed Big Horn Whiskey Throughout History

Big Horn Whiskey is a high-end whiskey that has been enjoyed by notable celebrities and dignitaries throughout its storied history. From Presidents to major league baseball stars, Big Horn Whiskey has always had a certain allure that draws in some of the most powerful people across the globe.

This legendary spirit was first developed in the 1880s in Louisville, Kentucky by a man named Frank “Frenchy” Clemens. According to records, it was first sold for just 10 cents per bottle, with most of the production being done out of Frank’s hogshead. The whiskey quickly gained popularity amongst locals and soon began to be served in saloons from California to New York City. As its reputation grew so too did its availability, appearing on menus of restaurants and bars everywhere.

One of the earliest fans of Big Horn Whiskey was United States President Theodore Roosevelt who frequently visited saloons while campaigning in the late 19th century. He would often down a glass or two when he could find it (which wasn’t often!). His flair for adventure certainly seemed to pair well with this particular spirit as evidenced when he famously exclaimed: “The world’s greatest good fortune lies not only in what one receives but also what one gives away!”

Baseball legend Babe Ruth may not have been as influential as Teddy Roosevelt but his impact on popular culture and baseball are undeniable. When asked about his favorite beverages during an interview during his early twenties, Big Horn Whiskey made it onto his shortlist along with beer and wine. This shines light into Ruth’s love for adventure which appears throughout his storied career as well as off-the-field antics such as train wrecking and riding around town on donkeys!

Some more recent celebrities associated with Big Horn Whiskey include Brad Pitt who famously took part in what became known as ‘The First Annual Big Horn Whiskey Tasting Event’; a

Health Benefits and Risks of Drinking Big Horn Whiskey

Big Horn Whiskey is a unique spirit made from high-quality ingredients. This premium whiskey blend contains a combination of rye, wheat and barley that gives it a unique flavor profile. The whiskey also includes natural honey for sweetness and oats for smoothness. While this specialty spirit has many fans, there are both health benefits and risks associated with drinking it.

Health Benefits:

The first benefit of consuming Big Horn Whiskey is its antioxidants. Antioxidants help to fight off free radicals that can cause cell damage in the body. Ryegrass, contained within the whiskey blend, contains high amounts of lutein which provides vitality and improved circulation throughout the body. Another benefit of this special whiskey is its honey content which can help give relief to sore throats or reduce coughing should you choose to sip on some neat or on the rocks. Additionally, wheat and rye both provide B vitamins that can give respite from stress or fatigue due to their anti-stress effects – so much so that we use them as a basis for breakfast cereals! Lastly, Rye’s omega-3 fatty acid content helps keep cholesterol levels balanced while strengthening eye tissue over time.


Alcohol consumption in general carries potential risks including impaired judgement and motor coordination followed by inebriation leading to further risk if one chooses to drive under these circumstances; however those risks don’t necessarily relate directly nor solely to Big Horn Whiskey itself – they are universal no matter what type drink is chosen. That said there are some other more specific risks associated with Big Horn whiskeys consumption not related solely to alcohol itself such as increased blood pressure due to its high sodium content – therefore those with hypertension should abstain from having regular sips of whiskey or maintain moderation if seeking moderate consumption only from time-to-time.. Otherwise overconsumption leads raises risk factors towards stroke through arthritic pain related issues due partially influence by rapid changes in Circadian Rhythms

Top 5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Big Horn Whiskey

Big Horn Whiskey is a type of whiskey made with a traditional recipe that has been in production for centuries. It is aged for at least 2 years and is typically bottled at proof strengths ranging from 80-94. The distinctive flavor of this whiskey can be attributed to its special blend of spicy rye, earthy coriander, and sweet notes from grains like corn, wheat, and barley.

1. Big Horn Whiskey is considered an “American Original” – Big Horn Whiskey was first produced during the late 1890s in Kansas City by German immigrants who drew upon their brewing knowledge to create a unique spirit inspired by classic Old World grain whiskies. Since then, its distinctive flavors have only grown in popularity around the world and today it can be enjoyed just about anywhere!

2. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients – Big Horn Whiskey isn’t just crafted with top-quality grains; it also relies on naturally sourced botanicals such as rye spice, coriander seed, cumin seed and fennel seed to bring out its unique flavor profile. Additionally, it uses only natural charcoal filtration methods to give it a smooth finish without introducing any artificial colors or flavors into the mix.

3. Its smoothness makes for easy sipping – One great thing about Big Horn Whiskey is that it goes down really easily regardless of whether you prefer your tipple neat or mixed into cocktails like Manhattans or Old Fashioneds (the latter being one of our personal favorites!). It’s even so silky that we often recommend using it as the go-to base for any whiskey creation whatsoever!

4. There are different ages available based on preference– For lovers of smooth beverages, Big Horn offers several whiskeys that are aged two years while offerings above 80 proof require four or more years of aging before they’re ready to ship out. This means that regardless of what type you’re after

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