Discover the Rich and Smooth Flavor of Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey

Discover the Rich and Smooth Flavor of Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey

How to Enjoy Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey: Your Ultimate Guide

Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey is a delicious and satisfying drink that can be enjoyed in many different ways. Packed with the rich, warm flavors of aged whiskey and tantalizingly sweet cherries, this premium spirit is perfect for drinking on its own or for mixing into a variety of refreshing cocktails.

Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey lover or are just getting started with this indulgent drink, our ultimate guide to enjoying Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey will help you discover all the best ways to savor and appreciate this classic beverage.

1. Sip it Straight

One of the simplest and most satisfying ways to enjoy Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey is by sipping it straight from a glass. Pour out a generous measure of this fine spirit, breathe in its inviting aroma, and let the flavors unfold on your tongue as you slowly savor each sip.

2. On The Rocks

If you prefer your drinks chilled but don’t want to dilute them too much, try serving Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey on the rocks instead. Simply add a couple of ice cubes to your glass before pouring in the whiskey, letting it chill while still preserving its full-bodied flavor profile.

3. Mix It Up With Coke

For an easy and popular mix using Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey, try pairing it with Coca-Cola! Fill your glass halfway with ice cubes then add 1 part cherry whiskey topped with 2 parts Coke (Original or Diet). Add a lime wedge for garnish! This creates an effervescent cocktail that perfectly balances sweet cherry notes against bold cola undertones.

4. Whip Up A Manhattan

Ratchet up the class factor by blending together one of America’s oldest classic cocktails – The Manhattan – using our Philips Union Cherry Whiskey!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 1 oz Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey
– Dash Angostura Bitters
– 0.5 oz Sweet Vermouth
– Maraschino Cherries

Fill a shaker with ice, pour in the cherry whiskey, bitters and your chosen vermouth, stir until chilled then strain into a festive cocktail glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry for an extra pop of flavor!

5. Make A Cherry Old Fashioned

Indulge in the trendy-rugged style of this century by trying Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey in an Old Fashioned cocktail twist.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 2 oz Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey
– Sugar cube
– 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
– Orange peel
– Ice
– Maraschino cherries

Place sugar cube at the bottom of lowball glass and cover it with bitters. Pour fruit slice on top and muddle until dissolved then fill your glass halfways with ice cubes. Add the cherry whiskey and gently stir to combine flavors. Top off drink to taste then drop in one of two cherries followed by your orange peel garnish.

In conclusion, whether you like your drinks strong but smooth or sweetly indulgent and buzz-worthy, there’s no shortage of fabulous ways to enjoy Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey. All that’s left is to grab a bottle or visit our website to place an online order – happy sipping!

Sipping in Style: Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Perfect Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey Cocktail

When it comes to creating the perfect cocktail, there are countless factors to consider. From ingredients and proportions to presentation and garnish, every detail matters. That’s why we’re here today to help you create the perfect Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey cocktail that is sure to impress even the most discerning of palates.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

To get started, you’ll need a few essential ingredients:

– 2 oz Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey
– 1 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
– 3/4 oz simple syrup
– A splash of cherry liqueur
– Ice


– Luxardo cherries
– Lemon twist

Step 2: Make Your Simple Syrup

Making your own simple syrup is easy and well worth the extra minute or two of prep time. Start by heating equal parts sugar and water over medium heat until the sugar fully dissolves, remove from heat once dissolved. Let cool before using.

Step 3: Combine Your Ingredients in a Shaker

Once you have all your ingredients ready, add them together in a cocktail shaker with ice. Be sure not to add too much ice as this can result in an overly diluted beverage.

Then, give it a good shake for approximately ten seconds or until well mixed.

Step 4: Strain & Serve

Strain mixture into a coupe glass (Martini glass) then top off with splashes of cherry liqueur allowing it to sink in on its own adding visual appeal to your perfectly crafted creation.


Add one Luxardo cherry skewered with thinly sliced lemon peel lightly expressed(intentionally squeezing just enough oil from the peel), place across rim of glass ensuring both skewer edges rest on opposite sides of glass wrapping around between slices creating beautiful aesthetic dimension; now sit back with pride as you sip-in-style!

In Conclusion,

By following these simple steps, you can now create an impressively elegant cocktail that is sure to leave your guests’ taste buds dancing with joy. Starting from the gathering of ingredients, make sure you have all the necessary components ready before starting mixing and shaking.

Remember, creating delicious cocktails not only requires high-quality ingredients but also proper proportions and presentation. Always strive for balance in flavors and colors to make a beautiful visual treat.

So go ahead, give it a try, and savor every sip of your Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey cocktail!

Got Questions About Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey? Here Are All the Answers You Need

Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey has been making waves in the world of spirits since it was first introduced to the market. This unique blend of cherry and whiskey flavors is a true standout, offering a taste experience unlike anything else out there. But with its distinct flavor profile comes plenty of questions from curious whiskey lovers everywhere – questions we’re happy to answer.

First things first: what makes Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey so special? The answer lies in its unique combination of traditional American whiskey and natural cherry flavors. The result is a smooth, sweet flavor that’s perfect for sipping neat or mixing into cocktails. It’s a versatile drink that can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks or mixed into your favorite libations.

So how should you serve Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey? That all depends on your tastes! If you want to enjoy it like a traditional whiskey, we recommend pouring it neat or over ice. This ensures you get to fully savor the complexity of the spirit’s flavors. However, if you prefer something a little more creative, try adding it to your favorite cocktail recipe for an unexpected twist!

When it comes to pairing Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey with food, think sweet and savory. Foods with rich flavors like barbecue, bacon or smoked meats provide lovely contrast when paired with this sweet yet smoky spirit. Likewise, desserts that feature cherries (think cherry pie!) will complement the flavor profile perfectly.

But what about those who are new to drinking whiskey – is this still a good choice? Absolutely! Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey offers an accessible taste experience that’s perfect for novices and seasoned veterans alike. Its sweetness helps balance out some of the harsher notes traditionally associated with straight-up whiskeys.

Lastly, where can you find Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey? Fortunately for fans everywhere, it’s available at most major liquor stores nationwide – both online and brick-and-mortar locations alike! However, we do recommend calling ahead to make sure it’s in stock before you venture out.

In closing, Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey is an indulgent and satisfying option for those looking to expand their whiskey palate or try something new altogether. With its unique combination of flavors, it appeals to both the daring and the discerning drinker. We hope this information has been useful as you explore all that this exciting spirit has to offer – cheers!

5 Surprising Facts About Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey That Will Blow Your Mind

Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey is a unique and flavorful whiskey that has quickly gained popularity among whiskey enthusiasts. This whiskey is made by combining American whiskey with cherry juice, resulting in a delicious blend of fruity flavors and the warmth of bourbon.

If you think you know everything about Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey, think again! Here are five surprising facts about this popular drink that will blow your mind:

1. A True American Classic

Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey is an all-American drink that embodies the spirit of the country’s independence. The company producing this beverage was established on Independence Day in 2006 and has since become one of America’s top-selling flavored whiskeys.

2. A Blend of Two Iconic Flavors

Cherry and whiskey may seem like an unlikely combination, but they work perfectly together in Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey. Bourbon lovers will be delighted to try this blended drink as it offers the best of both worlds; the mellowed oakiness flavor of bourbon combined with sweet-tartness flavor from cherries.

3. Great for Mixing

One thing that sets Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey apart from other drinks is its versatility. You can choose to have this drink neat or on the rocks, or mix it up with your favorite cocktails such as Manhattans or old fashions to create a new kind of taste. It’s perfect for those who love experimenting with different flavors in their drinks!

4. Designed for Every Occasion

This excellent blend is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s formal or informal events – you name it! The sweetness levels offered by Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey blends flawlessly into cocktails, making them less alcoholic while still maintaining incredible smoothness.

5. Multiple Awards Winner

Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey isn’t just another flavored whiskey- it has won numerous awards at international competitions since its launch back in 2006 including The Ultimate Spirits Challenge Award (2020) and The San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2017).

In conclusion, Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey is a unique and versatile drink that everyone should try at least once. Whether it’s on the rocks or in a cocktail, this flavorful whiskey is sure to impress with its surprising taste combinations. Next time you want to try something new and exciting, consider picking up a bottle of this delicious cherry-flavored whiskey – you won’t be disappointed!

Pairing Perfection: The Best Foods to Enjoy With a Glass of Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a perfectly balanced food and drink pairing. When it comes to Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey, there are a variety of flavors and notes to consider. To make your whiskey experience truly incredible, we’ve compiled a list of the best foods and snacks to enjoy alongside your glass.

Let’s start with something classic – the cheese board. The complex flavors in Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey pair well with rich cheeses like brie or camembert. The sweetness from the cherries in the whiskey compliment the creaminess of these cheeses perfectly. Add some fig jam or honey to the board for a sweet contrast.

Next up are some charcuterie meats like salami or prosciutto. These salty meats help enhance the cherry flavor in Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey, and their chewy texture helps balance out the smooth whiskey finish.

For those with a sweet tooth, chocolate is an obvious choice. Pairing Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey with dark chocolate brings out its natural smokiness while balancing out its sweetness. Try biting into a piece of chocolate while taking a sip of whiskey – trust us on this one!

Moving onto entrees, grilled pork chops are always an excellent pairing alongside cherry-flavored whiskey. The smokiness from grilling a protein brings out similar notes in Philips Union Cherry Whiskey, highlighting its complexity even further.

Another creative option is spicy Korean fried chicken! Its bold seasoning and crispy skin provide just enough texture to complement Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey’s subtle aroma.

Lastly, let’s not forget about dessert! A classic choice like cheesecake pairs beautifully with this flavorful whiskey; we recommend making it with cherries on top for that extra pop of flavor.

At last, whether you’re hosting dinner guests or having an intimate evening at home with friends, incorporating these pairing ideas will take your Philips Union Cherry Whiskey experience to new heights!

A Deep Dive into the Rich History and Production Process of Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey

Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey is an exquisite and harmonious blend of premium aged whiskey, infused with natural cherry flavor. It has become one of the most popular spirits in recent years, thanks to its balanced taste, smooth finish, and versatile mixability. However, beyond its deliciousness lies a rich history and production process that makes it more than just another flavored whiskey.

The story began in 2001 when Phillips Distilling Company introduced a new line of innovative flavored whiskeys under the brand name ‘Phillips Union’. The goal was to create a range of unique whiskies that would appeal to both traditional whiskey drinkers and those who preferred sweeter, fruitier drinks. While many distillers were experimenting with flavors like honey, cinnamon or apple, Phillips decided to focus on cherry as their signature flavor.

But why cherry? Well, cherries have been associated with whiskey for centuries. In fact, during the colonial era in America, cherry bounce was a popular drink made by mixing cherries with sugar and whiskey. It was believed to be a medicinal drink that could cure everything from colds to rheumatism. Even George Washington had his own recipe for cherry bounce!

Fast forward to today; Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey has perfected the art of infusing real cherries into aged American bourbon and blending them together in a way that creates a bold yet smooth taste. To achieve this level of excellence requires careful consideration at every step of the production process.

Firstly, Phillips starts with sourcing high-quality bourbon from Kentucky, Tennessee or Indiana – known for their exceptional corn yields which are used as its main ingredient instead of wheat or rye in other kinds of whiskies. Next comes the infusion process within which they use only natural ingredients extracted from genuine black cherries whose pits lend themselves perfectly for aging on charred oak barrels which imparted that deep mahogany color along with hints of vanilla and caramel.

Once blended together following precise measurements, Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey is rested in premium oak barrels for at least four years to ensure that the cherry taste fuses seamlessly with the whiskey. During this time, it undergoes rigorous quality control checks to ensure consistency and quality throughout each individual batch. Finally, it is bottled at 70 proof and shipped out for distribution – ready to be enjoyed by whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

In conclusion, Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey is more than just a flavored spirit; it’s a homage to tradition and innovation crafted with precision and care. From its historical origins of cherries and whiskey blends to its meticulous production process infused through careful selection of so many natural ingredients including the finest corn varieties grown in America’s heartland – Phillips Distilling Company has elevated its dimensions beyond compare!

So why not raise a glass of this delicious red-brown elixir next time you’re seeking something tasty from your liquor cabinet? And who knows – maybe even George Washington himself would approve!

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