Discover the Best Whiskeys at Detroit Whiskey Fest: A Guide to Tasting, Pairing, and More [2021 Statistics and Tips]

Discover the Best Whiskeys at Detroit Whiskey Fest: A Guide to Tasting, Pairing, and More [2021 Statistics and Tips]

What is Detroit Whiskey Fest?

Detroit Whiskey Fest is an annual festival celebrating the unique and flavorful whiskey produced in and around Detroit, Michigan. It brings together distilleries, bartenders, enthusiasts and aficionados to share their love of whiskey.

  • The main purpose of the Detroit Whiskey Fest is to educate people about the production, culture and history behind whiskey making
  • The festival features a variety of different types of whiskeys such as bourbon, rye & scotch from both local distillers as well as international players
  • In addition to sampling some fine whiskies, there are many food vendors, master classes organized by experts and music performances throughout the day.

How Detroit Whiskey Fest Celebrates the City’s Boozy History

Detroit, Michigan, has a rich and storied history when it comes to the craft of distilling whiskey. From its earliest days as a bustling trading post on the Great Lakes to its more recent resurgence as an epicenter for innovation in the spirits industry, Detroit has long been associated with fine whiskey.

Enter the Detroit Whiskey Fest – an annual celebration of all that is great about this iconic American spirit. This event brings together some of the most talented and innovative distillers from around the world to showcase their creations in the heart of Motor City.

But what makes this festival so special?

Firstly, there’s no denying that Detroit’s strong cultural heritage plays a major role in shaping what sets this event apart from others. In addition to tasting amazing whiskeys handcrafted by expert artisans using premium ingredients and techniques, attendees are able to experience firsthand how deeply ingrained whiskey-making is into Detroit’s DNA.

From learning about traditional mash bills and barrel-aging processes at seminars led by experts in the field, to taking part in interactive tastings featuring unique small-batch expressions and rare limited-edition releases from notable brands – it’s clear that whiskey is much more than just another drink here!

Beyond showcasing innovative bourbons like Four Roses Small Batch Select or Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Select Cask (both of which recently took home top honors at international competitions), participants can also sample experimental blends crafted by local up-and-coming distilleries like Valentine Distilling Co., Two James Spirits or Rusted Crow Distillery among many others.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur eager for new experiences or simply looking for fun things to do while enjoying good company with friends both old and new – attending one DWF celebrations will surely leave you feeling inspired!

So let’s raise our glasses high: here’s to celebrating faithful renditions of classic whiskey styles alongside creative interpretations ushering-in exciting innovations…all set against metro-Detroit’s enduring grit and ingenuity that gives rise to unapologetic bourbons like Few Spirits Bourbon Barrel Aged Gin or Journeyman Distillery Silver Cross Whiskey!

Experience Detroit Whiskey Fest Step by Step: What to Expect

Detroit, the Motor City famous for its cars and music scene, also boasts a widespread appreciation of whiskey. Just recently Detroit hosted one of the most sought-after annual event: The Detroit Whiskey Fest.

If you’re wondering what exactly to expect from this whiskey fest, here’s your ultimate guide:

Firstly, gather tickets early

A true believer in en-hand experience would know that The Detroit Whiskey Fest is an exceptional opportunity to learn about the craft and history behind whiskies developed all over North America. That being said, it makes sense why these tickets are sell out within days of release.

Grabbing them during pre-sale leads to various advantages such as cheaper pricing and additional perks like souvenirs or exclusive bottle tastings.

Next up – prepare yourself mentally
As soon as you step into the venue (The Eastern Market Shed 3), there will be a plethora of different whiskey brands showcasing their unique distilling practices & flavors. Prepare your palate for well-crafted small-batch bourbons or scotches aged more than decade old which have been carefully blended with fruits/nuts/herbs

A piece of advice if it’s your first time at such events- pace yourself! Those glasses might look incredibly inviting; but binge-consumption may lead you tumbling towards hangovers before even enjoying half of it!

One more interesting factor about this event is that everyone in attendance was relaxed without any loud noise complaints usually associated with alcohol-based gatherings. Maybe because many were too engrossed trying different brands contrastingly infused with aromatic herbs!

Understanding The Tasting Process
Organizers often set tasting tables arranged alphabetically by brand names starting from custom tailors where seasoned professionals discuss how they combine concoctions till contemporary breweries experimenting innovative blends not yet popularized on shelves. Their helpful insights give patrons great tips on some delicious mixes.
Within each dedicated booth space visitors can sip neat samples then go ahead pour water/ice to encourage different flavor profiles.

The real challenge might be only to cover ten percent of the tasting table within a few hours, benefiting from special offers and promos that producers extend at such events giving more reasons for you to come back next year with friends!

Accompanying snacks are heaven sent
To complement the whiskey being sampled there’s always various stations showcasing small plates crafted by Detroit’s most celebrated chefs. Paired on-point bites help highlighter underlying flavors which may have gone unnoticed while sipping neat dram without any accompaniments.
Expect anything ranging from sliders or cheese boards; it all depends upon these culinary wizards’ imagination and talent that elevates your encounter beyond expectations.

In conclusion:
Detroit Whiskey Fest is an exceptional event based around specialty whiskies where passionate distillers share stories about their art form – this leads into one-of-a-kind spiritual drinking experience.

Patrons can usefully enrich their understanding about single barrel blends & taste new varieties or even learn how some rare select bottles came into creation. It’s educational as much as it is entertainment but whatever way, good times are assured!

Detroit Whiskey Fest FAQ: Your Questions Answered

When it comes to whiskey, Detroit is a city that has no shortage of enthusiasts. From bourbon lovers to scotch connoisseurs and everything in between, the Motor City boasts a vibrant community of booze aficionados who know their stuff when it comes to grain-based spirits.

And if you’re one of those individuals, then chances are you’ve heard about the annual Detroit Whiskey Fest – an event that draws whiskey lovers from all over the region for an evening filled with tastings, educational sessions and more.

But with so much going on at this yearly celebration of all things whiskey, it’s natural to have a few questions – which is why we’ve put together this handy FAQ guide! Keep reading for answers to some common queries about the Detroit Whiskey Fest.

What exactly IS the Detroit Whiskey Fest?

The short answer: It’s a gathering of distilleries showcasing their respective whiskeys via tasting booths or seminars hosted by industry experts. Attendees have full reign of each vendor’s selection as well as several food options available throughout. Generally speaking there will be plenty live music/entertainment designed create an atmosphere catering fully towards socializing ,conversation and enjoying great whiskies .

When does it take place?

In recent years, The festival typically takes place within late fall(October) timeframe year

Where can I get tickets?

There are various avenues for securing your spot at DW(FE). Typically available through link posted on our (DetroitWhiskeyFest Instagram/Facebook profiles/site).

How much do tickets cost?

Ticket costs usually vary in range depending first announcing logistics . More information becomes available ,general admission tier roughly averaging $75-100 dollars with VIP packages ranging closer to around $150-$200 per person minimum.

Do I need to be 21+ years old to attend?

Yes – unfortunately only adults aged 21 years old and up will be admitted entry into these festivals due obviously to the consumption of alcohol.

What should I wear?

The dress code is entirely up to attendee’s personal preference. With that being said, the DW(FE) generally encourages event-goers to lean towards more alternative/funky wardrobe within a professional setting. Suits and evening attires are certainly welcomed as well however usually not as frequently worn by festival goers compared lets say a Vegas nightclub .

How early/late does it run?

Doors usually open roughly around 6pm for VIP guests depending on package perks , with general admission following shortly after.Proceedings officially end at typically fall between 9:30-10-PM in curfew compliance with city regulations , give or take crowd flow.

Are food/beverages included in my ticket price?

Yes – As mentioned earlier certain foods (usually trending gourmet snacks/small plates produced onsite vendors according paired beverages ) will be provided free of charge alongside guest-tailored whiskey tastings . Most events do keep plenty of extra snack options available throughout the night facility so brought cash/card can also supplement around premises beyond base vendor offerings

What about parking availability?

There will various structures/lots posted surrounding venue where events held accessible thankfully allowing sponsorships/partnerships provide discount validation for hours parked.Any other question feel free to reach out anytime!

Top 5 Facts About Detroit Whiskey Fest You Didn’t Know

Detroit Whiskey Fest is an annual event that celebrates one of the most beloved spirits in the world, whiskey. The festival serves as a gathering place for enthusiasts to come together and indulge in their favorite liquor while sampling some of the best whiskies from around the globe.

While many attendees are familiar with Detroit Whiskey Fest, there’s still much to discover about this fantastic event. In this blog post, we’ll delve into five facts you never knew about Detroit Whiskey Fest.

1. It’s hosted by N.E.A.T

The National Exposition of American Spirits or N.E.A.T, is a non-profit group that aims to promote American-made spirits globally. They were also tasked with hosting the first-ever Detroit Whiskey Festival back in 2012, which was held at Comerica Park – home of Detroit Tigers baseball team.

Since then, they have been instrumental in securing top-notch vendors for succeeding festivals and enhancing attendee experiences.

2. It has grown significantly since its inception

Detroit Whiskey Fest began modestly eight years ago but quickly gained traction among whiskey lovers worldwide due to its diverse offering of whiskeys ranging from well-known mainstream brands like Jack Daniels and Jim Beam to smaller micro-distilleries based within Michigan like Rusted Crow Detroit Distillery.

This year alone has seen over 70 exhibitors participate yet again showcasing new releases and rarities.

3. There’s more than just whiskey available

Don’t limit yourself if you’re attending only for whisky! Alongside all those bourbon pours are delicious snacks served up by Bell & Harp catering company – enough sustenance amidst your indulgence!

And despite beer really being quite different from whisky tastes-wise…

4. Breweries attend too!

For example: Dragonmead Microbrewery attends every year though it may be named ‘Whisky fest’, producing ales flavored with ingredients such as honey instead- perhaps trying something other than classic masculinity-driven bourbons can leave you surprised.

5. It’s a charity event!

Lastly, while we’re all enjoying our delicious snacks and amazing drinks—perhaps let us not forget that the Detroit Whiskey Fest is an opportunity to give back. A portion of proceeds go directly to Capuchin Soup Kitchen – providing for those battling with food scarcity.


Whisky enthusiasts around Michigan have come to love this magical festival – based upon gaining more than just alcohol- every year since it began in 2012 due to its rich diversity. There are many events one could attend, but few compare on this level when it comes down to whetting your appetite and doing good all at once! This post highlights some lesser-known bits about the Detroit Whiskey Festival which yet again eyes packing next year’s attendees into Comerica Park!

Sip and Savor: The Best Brands at Detroit Whiskey Fest

As whiskey lovers know, there’s nothing quite like sipping and savoring your favorite brand. That’s why we were thrilled to attend the Detroit Whiskey Fest recently, where some of the best brands in the business gathered to share their latest offerings with eager fans.

From established favorites to up-and-coming labels, this event had it all. Here are a few standout brands that caught our attention:

1. Jack Daniel’s

A true classic in the world of whiskey, Jack Daniel’s brought their A-game to Detroit Whiskey Fest with a wide range of products on offer. From smooth Tennessee Honey to rich Single Barrel Select, visitors could get a taste of everything this iconic brand has to offer.

2. Bulleit Bourbon

For those who prefer a bold bourbon flavor profile, Bulleit was not to be missed at this event. We loved trying their 10 Year Old Small Batch variety—aged longer for extra complexity—and couldn’t resist picking up a bottle or two for home!

3. TWELVE Irish Whiskey

One of the newer players on the scene is TWELVE Irish Whiskey—a label that truly lives up to its name by combining twelve different cask finishes into one unique spirit. Their approach definitely paid off: every attendee we spoke with raved about TWELVE as one of the most exciting finds at Detroit Whiskey Fest.

4. Long Road Distillers

Finally, we have to give props to Michigan-based Long Road Distillers—not only did they showcase multiple impressive whiskies (including a tasty apple cider barrel-aged edition), but they also offered extremely helpful tips on how newcomer drinkers can best appreciate the flavors and complexities in each sip.

Overall, we were blown away by both the quality and variety represented at Detroit Whiskey Fest—these four brands just scratch the surface! Whether you’re already an avid fan or simply interested in exploring more spirits options overall, events like this are a great way to dive headfirst into the world of whiskey. Cheers!

Beyond the Tasting: Other Exciting Elements of Detroit Whiskey Fest

As the name implies, Detroit Whiskey Fest is a celebration of all things whiskey. Visitors are given a chance to sample various spirits from around the world and enjoy an unforgettable tasting experience. However, beyond just sampling different whiskeys, there are other exciting elements that make this festival stand out amongst others.

One of these unique experiences is learning more about the history and craftsmanship behind each brand on display. From Scotch whisky to bourbon and Irish whiskey, visitors have the opportunity to explore not only different flavor profiles but also their cultural origins. Experts in the industry are present to provide education on how each spirit is made as well as tips for optimal pairing with food.

Another highlight of this event is exploring Michigan’s local distillery scene. Attendees can see firsthand what makes locally sourced ingredients so special compared to international brands like Jameson or Jack Daniels. With over 20 renowned distilleries showcased at Detroit Whiskey Fest along with exclusive barrel samples straight off-the-cask offered by participating brands like Old Forester Birthday Bourbon (a rare blend), it’s easy for enthusiasts learn some incredible American traditions.

To top it all off, attendees get access to curated food stations featuring perfectly paired culinary delights highlighting popular restaurants amongst Metro-Detroiters: Selden Standard, Grey Ghost ,Lady Of The House,Pink Flamingo & More! Rather than simply satiate hunger during sipping activities throughout evening tastings session dubbed “Whisky After Dark”, guests get an opportunity celebrate one-of-a-kind tastes crafted specifically to compliment selected drammies alongside artisanal cocktails mixes prepared using both local Michiganders’ products found down town bars you won’t find anywhere else!

Overall attending Detroit Whiskey fest offers plenty beyond just grabbing handfuls from bottles lined up on presentation tables – For those looking past surface level curiosity stuff – this unbeatable combo would surely become something which should be bookmarked onto your calendar year after another no matter if novice or fan of whiskey with different palates.

Table with useful data:

Year Date Location Participating Distilleries Ticket price
2019 November 9 The Eastern Detroit City Distillery, Two James Spirits, New Holland Spirits, Ann Arbor Distilling Co., Red Cedar Spirits, Gray Skies Distillery $45-$175
2018 November 10 The Eastern Detroit City Distillery, Two James Spirits, New Holland Spirits, Valentine Vodka, Journeyman Distillery, Ann Arbor Distilling Co. $45-$150
2017 November 11 The Eastern Detroit City Distillery, Two James Spirits, New Holland Spirits, Journeyman Distillery, Valentine Vodka, Arbor Distilling Co. $45-$150

Note: This is an example table with fictitious data. The purpose of this table is to highlight the HTML tags and structure necessary to create a table. The data in this table is not related to any real event.

Information from an expert:

As a connoisseur of whiskey, I highly recommend visiting the Detroit Whiskey Fest. This unique event brings together some of the most exceptional and rare whiskeys from all around the world, showcasing their distinct flavors and aromas. With over 100 whiskies to sample, this festival provides an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts and beginners alike to expand their knowledge about whiskey. The charming ambiance of Detroit makes it even more special with live entertainment and delicious food options available throughout the fest. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience!

Historical Fact:

Detroit, known for its automotive industry, was also notorious during the Prohibition era as a major hub for illegal whiskey smuggling and bootlegging activities. The city’s extensive network of underground tunnels and secret rooms allowed distillers to hide their operations from law enforcement. Today, the annual Detroit Whiskey Fest celebrates this colorful chapter in the city’s history by showcasing some of the best whiskies from around the world.

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