Big Horn Bourbon WhiskeyTasting the Bold Flavor of Big Horn Bourbon Whiskey

Big Horn Bourbon WhiskeyTasting the Bold Flavor of Big Horn Bourbon Whiskey

An Introduction to Big Horn Bourbon Whiskey

Big Horn Bourbon Whiskey is a unique whiskey from the great state of Montana. It is distilled by the Rambouillet Distillery, located in South-Central Montana near Bozeman. The whiskey is made using high quality grains, copper stills and oak barrels, which create an incredibly smooth spirit with notes of sweet vanilla, caramel, toasted oak and spice. It has a smoky finish that lingers on the tongue just long enough to leave you wanting more.

Big Horn Bourbon Whiskey follows traditional American bourbon methods to achieve its signature flavor profile. First, it’s crafted with a mash bill composed primarily of corn (62%), wheat (9%) and malted barley (25%). The resulting distillate is then aged in used American Oak barrels for no less than three years before being bottled at 90 proof. As a result of this aging process, Big Horn Bourbon displays hints of caramel sweetness combined with subtle woody flavors imparted by the freshly charred oak barrels used in the maturing of the spirit.

With its unique flavor that stands out from other bourbons on the shelf today, Big Horn Bourbon Whiskey provides a delightful drinking experience unlike any other whiskey around. Whether enjoyed neat or as part of an inventive cocktail creation at home or sipped slowly over ice in your favorite bar or restaurant; there’s no wrong way to enjoy this one-of-a-kind spirit! Experience your own adventure with Big Horn Bourbon Whiskey today and discover why it is proudly called “Montana’s Finest Spirits”!

The History of Ingredients and Production Practices in Big Horn Whiskey

Big Horn Whiskey is a spirit made from the finest ingredients and unique production methods. Its history dates back to the early 19th century, when it was created by two entrepreneurial Scotch-Irish immigrants, John and Patrick Boyle. The Boyle brothers were seeking to recreate their own creative version of whiskey, being influenced by the smoky flavor of Highland Scotch as well as other regional whiskey styles such as bourbon. In doing so, they laid the groundwork for one of the most beloved spirits in American history.

The process started with gathering only the finest grain – rye, wheat and corn – along with superior quality charred oak barrels which served as both a filter and an aging vessel. Each batch underwent a careful fermentation process using both wild yeast and specific yeast chosen by John and Patrick. The result was a thick mash that gave Big Horn its distinct flavor profile: sweetly smokey, oaky, zesty spice.

Once fermented, distillation took place using big copper stills heated over open fires made of American hardwoods like hickory or applewood – perfect for imparting even more distinctive notes into Big Horn whiskey’s unique taste profile. Afterward came further refinements through charcoal filtering and finally aging in whitesoak barrels where all those complex flavors were enhanced with layers of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch sweetness before bottling.

Big Horn Whiskey has remained true to its original recipe throughout its historic nearly two centuries of production–a testament not only to artisanal craftsmanship but also an effective branding strategy that honours traditional values while innovating for new markets in America’s beverage industry. As such, there is truly no better choice than Big Horn Whiskey for any celebration or barroom gathering filled good times & big laughs!

How to Taste and Enjoy Big Horn Bourbon

Big Horn Bourbon is a delicious American whiskey that has been aged in oak barrels for at least 10 years. Experience the subtle and robust notes of the bourbon by taking time to truly taste and enjoy it. Here are some steps to get the most out of your Big Horn tasting experience:

1. Start by looking at the color of your drink. Hold up the glass against a white background, such as a napkin, to better appreciate its hue. On average, Big Horn should be a deep amber color.

2. When you’re ready, take an initial whiff from the glass. Before you take a sip you should be able to detect subtle aromas like vanilla, caramel, and oak; scents that have come from aging in charred wooden casks over several years.

3. Now it’s time to taste! First just let a small amount of Big Horn rest on your tongue without swallowing it right away. Allow those flavors to permeate—you may recognize signature notes like butterscotch and gentle honeyed sweetness that come with each sip.

4 Before consuming too much in one gulp, gently swirl the liquid around in your mouth (think gargling but with bourbon!). This will help coat more area of tastebuds in order for them to further detect maple or leathery undertones, enhancing your overall flavor profile experience before finally swallowing it down and completing this journey into finest American whiskey making tradition.

5 As soon as you’ve swallowed your Bourbon enjoy lingering aftertastes which might feature woody spice or light plum hints transforming almost into something sweet if given enough time; once again test how much each nuance can bring enjoyment when savored slowly and thoughtfully –just like this particular bottle of Big Horn does with every drop..

Step by Step Guide to Drinking Big Horn Bourbon

1. Find a cozy spot: Before you start drinking your Big Horn Bourbon, find somewhere comfortable to sit and relax. Put on some mellow music or ambient noise that will help set the tone for the experience.

2. Pour it in a glass: Skip the plastic cups or shot glasses and use something more sophisticated like crystal glasses so that you can appreciate each sip of your whiskey fully with its proper aromas and flavors. Make sure not to add any ice cubes as this might dilute its flavor and aroma.

3. Take a whiff: Swirl the glass around gently while holding it up to your nose, and take in all the wonderful fragrances emanating from your Big Horn Bourbon. Don’t be afraid to breathe deeply; slowly inhale what you smell since it will contribute largely to the taste later on!

4. First sip: Now, take your first sip of bourbon, but don’t just swallow it right away! Let it linger on your tongue and savour its nuanced rich flavours before swallowing down the rest of it in one mouthful – keep in mind that different parts of our tongue are sensitive to certain tastes (salt=front, sour=sides). As you swallow each sip linger for just a second before taking another one – enjoy every moment!

5. Make sure you don’t drink too quickly!: It may be tempting to gulp down all that gorgeous whiskey when you’re thirsty, however drinking too fast can easily lead to feeling overwhelmed by its strength and won’t let truly appreciate its complexity either – so make sure not to rush through those precious moments!

6. Enjoy The Aftertaste: Once finished, remain still for a few minutes allowing yourself time to relish in all those lingering notes left over by that smooth spirit – now doesn’t this sound like bliss? Drink responsibly!

Frequently Asked Questions About Big horn Bourbon

1. What is Big Horn Bourbon?

Big Horn Bourbon is a premium small-batch bourbon whiskey, made with unique grains and carefully sourced ingredients from Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. It is aged for four to seven years in barrels of various types of wood, including new American oak barrels with a #4 char or heavier. The result is a smooth yet robust flavor profile featuring notes of caramel, vanilla and mild spice.

2. How did Big Horn Bourbon get its name?

Big Horn Bourbon was named after the iconic mountain range: The Big Horn Mountains which form the border between Wyoming and Montana. The name was also chosen to represent the pioneering spirit that has been part of generating this exceptional spirit since its creation in 2013. The mountains represent strength, resilience and courage – all qualities which are embodied in every sip of our signature bourbon whiskey.

3. What makes Big Horn Bourbon different than other bourbons?

Big Horn Bourbon stands out among other bourbons due to its careful selection process when sourcing ingredients and its proprietary aging method that uses high degrees of charring on the inside surface of each barrel – giving it an extra smoky finish alongside enjoyable vanilla notes on the palette for a truly unique drinking experience that can’t be found elsewhere. Additionally, because it’s from such high regions (nearly 7000 ft above sea level) water clarity plays an instrumental role in giving Big Horn specifically crafted layers, making it completely different than any other semi-premium whiskey you’d encounter!

4. Where can I purchase Big Horn Bourbon?

Big Horn Bouron can be purchased online or at select stores across various states in America, as well as Canada, Scotland & England. Please visit our website Buy Now page to find where you can buy some locally near you!

Five Notable Facts about Big Horn Whiskey

Big Horn Whiskey is a continuously growing, award-winning American craft whiskey. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular whiskeys on the market today and is distilled using a blend of traditional techniques and modern innovation. Here are five notable facts about Big Horn Whiskey that make it truly remarkable:

1) Big Horn Whiskey was created by passionate distillers with over 100 years of combined experience. The unique recipe includes blending together corn, rye and barley malt to achieve an exceptional taste that’s bold yet easy to enjoy. Each bottle of Big Horn Whiskey has been aged at least two years in oak barrels and carries true distinction—making it well suited for refined palates.

2) It uses only locally sourced grain from small family farms found in the rolling hills of Wyoming’s majestic Bighorn Basin. Many smaller farms have embraced organic farming practices which allow for more natural growth practices that enhance the flavor of their grains—which translates into superior quality whiskey for you!

3) Despite being around for less than ten years, Big Horn whiskies have quickly gained recognition from national spirits competitions such as the San Francisco World Spirits competition, where they recently won double gold medals for both its bourbon and wheat whiskies.

4) For whiskey lovers looking to explore interesting new styles and flavors, Big Horn offers a variety of flavored whiskeys including honey & citrus whiskey, spiced apple mule and root beer float whiskeys – perfect for adventurous mixologists looking to add unique twists to classic drinks.

5) As part of its commitment to supporting local communities, Big horn donates 10% of its profits back to various charities across the United States each season. So when you pick up a bottle or two you’re not just enjoying great tasting whiskey but directly contributing towards helping those in need too!

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