A Guide to Appreciating the Unique Flavor of Grass Widow Whiskey

A Guide to Appreciating the Unique Flavor of Grass Widow Whiskey

Origin of Grass Widow Whiskey: How It Began

Grass Widow whiskey is a type of bourbon that dates back to the 1800s – before bourbon was even an official spirit!
It began as an American-made whiskey made by the Frost family in the rolling hills of east Tennessee.
The Frost’s were frontier settlers and developed what would eventually become known as one of the oldest existing varieties of Southern whiskey: Grass Widow.

The original recipe for Grass Widow used corn, barley malt, rye and wheat as its base grains.
This combination created a more complex flavor than most traditional bourbons but also proved difficult to duplicate by other producers.
As such, it was often referred to as ‘the elusive grass widow.’

While production methods continued to evolve over time, the basic recipe remained largely unchanged until recent years.
In 2011, Heaven Hill Distilleries acquired rights to produce Grass Widow Bourbon using vintage techniques and recipes from the 19th century with locally grown grain still remaining part of their process today.
The current manifestation of this classic Southern favorite adds notes of sweet honey, spicy pepper and caramelized oak that highlight both its complexity and uniqueness.

As a testament to its enduring tradition and craftsmanship, Grass Widow has received numerous awards including Silver Medal status at both the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and The Festival of Barrel Aged Beers (FOBAB).
With each sip, discerning drinkers can taste why this bourbon remains one of America’s most sought-after whiskeys since 1884!

The Distillation Process of Grass Widow Whiskey

Grass Widow Whiskey is a unique and flavorful whiskey that has become increasingly popular among Whiskey aficionados. The process by which the spirit is produced starts with an aged Bourbon mash bill, made up of 60% corn, 28% rye, 8% wheat and 4% malt. The combination of these grains creates an incredibly complex flavor profile that can be appreciated by even novice whiskey drinkers.

Once the mash bill has been created, it is put through a distillation process to remove any impurities that remain in the liquid. After being filtered and heated in order to evaporate off any unneeded solids and liquids, the remaining liquid then passes through several copper stills. This copper increases the flavor layers and complexity of the final product even more as certain compounds react differently to the metal contact than other compounds found within the liquor’s makeup.

The Craftsmanship continues from here onwards where quality ingredients and techniques are applied to first create a White Dog Moonshine during a stripping run inside Copper pot stills, followed by more complex techniques for Spirit Cutting until only select truly pure parts are used for Barreling & Aging process inside Missouri Oak barrels for up to 5 years at minimum standards. Last Step requires Bottling & Labeling before Grass Widow Whiskey finally is ready for consumption!

Different Types of Enjoyment for Grass Widow Whiskey

There are many different ways to enjoy Grass Widow Whiskey, a unique whiskey distilled and aged on the north shore of Hawaii. The whiskey is produced in small batches of 630 bottles each, ensuring subtle differences between each batch that give it its unique flavor. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to savor this fine spirit.

Neat or With a Splash: When served neat or with just a splash of water, Grass Widow showcases bright aromas of vanilla and honey with flavors reminiscent of coconut and tropical fruit. Enjoy your whiskey neat or with just the slightest addition to unlock the full wealth of aromas and flavors.

On Ice: If those intense aromas and flavors are too much for you, try serving Grass Widow on ice! This will mellow out both the aroma and flavor and make it easier to drink while still unlocking plenty of interesting undertones in the background. It also makes it a great mixer if you’re looking to craft cocktails using Grass Widow as a base ingredient.

In Cocktails: Not all whiskeys can stand up well when used as an ingredient in drinks but Grass Window has been balancing sweet fruitiness against an assertive woodiness so long that making mixed drinks comes surprisingly easy! We recommend trying it out in spirit-forward cocktails like Manhattans or Old Fashioned’s where its bold character shines through perfectly! Try one today! You won’t be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions About Grass Widow Whiskey

What is Grass Widow Whiskey?

Grass Widow Whiskey is a small batch, single barrel craft whiskey, made from select grains and aged in American oak barrels. The whiskey has a rich aroma of sweet vanilla, toasted nuts and molasses with subtle notes of caramel, tobacco, spice and leather. Its taste can best be described as full-bodied but smooth. It’s an ideal sipping whiskey that enjoys a boost of flavor when neat or on the rocks.

Where can I buy Grass Widow Whiskey?

Grass Widow Whiskey is available online through our website (www.grasswidowwhiskey.com). You can also find it at select retailers and liquor stores across the United States as well as select bars and restaurants located throughout many cities in the US. Additionally, we export to some international locations; however, availability will vary depending on location.

What type of grain does Grass Widow Whiskey use?

Grass Widow Whiskey is made up of a unique combination of premium grains including corn, rye, wheat, malted barley and unmalted barley sourced from local farmers in Georgia and Northwest North Carolina where we distill our whiskey. Coupled with years spent aging in new charred American Oak barrels, this combination gives us an extremely flavorful robust whiskey that maintains its bold character while still remaining approachable enough to enjoy neat or on the rocks!

How long has Grass Widow been around?

Founded by two craft whiskey connoisseurs in 2019 – after years perfecting their craft – Grass Widow was born out of a common love for small batch whiskies (both bourbons & scotches) blended with commitment to creating something special using locally sourced grains and the correct combination of techniques with each batch designed to elicit a spectrum of complex characteristics – something both inspiring yet relaxed like a stroll through a grass widow field AVAILABLE ONLY IN SMALL BATCHES exclusively for select bars & restaurants customers nationwide!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Grass Widow Whiskey

Grass Widow whiskey is a unique, Kentucky-made product that sets itself apart through its all-natural ingredients, classic flavor profile and artisanal production. This whiskey has been around for decades but has just recently become popular with craft distillers and aficionados alike. Here are the top 5 facts you should know about Grass Widow Whiskey:

1. Grass Widow whiskey is made from an authentic sour mash recipe – This means that it’s produced using malted barley grain and oats with a distinct sweet flavor and light color. All of these ingredients are locally sourced in Kentucky and take up to two years to be perfectly blended for an ideal smooth taste in each bottle.

2. One of the most interesting aspects of Grass Widow Whiskey is the aging process – The whiskey ages in charred American oak barrels from 4 to 12 months depending on their composition and characteristics, meaning even small batches can have different flavors between them. More importantly, this process adds key notes of caramel, vanilla, chocolate, honey and dried fruit along with subtle burn tannins which enhance every sip.

3. Like many similar products out there being made by independent distilleries right now, one signature characteristic of Grass Widow Whiskey is its non-GMO certification – This means that none of the traditional grains used in making this whisky come from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These untreated ingredients help create a unique flavor profile not found anywhere else!

4. Another important feature of this type whiskey is its fun labels – Every batch released includes a special label design created to represent something about Kentucky’s culture or history as well as beautiful illustrations printed directly onto the bottle itself!

5. Finally, due to unparalleled consumer demand for Grass Widow Whiskey over recent years, new/limited-edition blends are constantly being released – These include barrel picks specifically picked by master fermenters looking for optimal aging periods among other things so making sure you’re up-to-date on their latest releases will make sure you get your hands on some before it sells out!

The Future of Grass Widow Whiskey: What to Expect

Grass Widow Whiskey has been a key player in the whiskey sector for over two centuries now. Today, they are taking whiskey to new heights with products that have won numerous awards, as well as garnering respect and recognition throughout the industry.

For decades, Grass Widows whisky has been praised by master distillers and consumers alike for its outstanding quality. With their unique recipes and broad range of flavours, it is no wonder why their whisky continues to dominate the market. But what should we expect from them in the future?

As technology develops further, so too does Grass Widow’s commitment to producing the finest spirits available. Using natural ingredients with sustainable practices is at the heart of what they do — so expect fewer artificial flavourings or other artificial enhancers in their whisky down the line. In addition, processes such as extended maturation times and cold cask finishing will ensure a smoother finish than ever before.

The team also sees great potential in smaller batch releases and limited edition bottlings – something that can truly be appreciated by both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike! The possibilities here are almost endless – whether experimenting with different grains or ageing in more unusual casks such as Madeira barrels; there is always something interesting around the corner with Grass Widow!

Looking towards the future, everyone on board is determined to keep pushing boundaries within oak management – employing traditional means of wood treatment combined with innovative technologies to create an ever-evolving range of whiskies worthy of every celebration life has to offer! The goal: make sure Grass Widow always remains synonymous with quality craftsmanship!

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