A Comprehensive Guide to High West Whiskey Bourye: An Award-Winning Blend of Flavors

A Comprehensive Guide to High West Whiskey Bourye: An Award-Winning Blend of Flavors

Introduction to High West Whiskey Bourye: An Overview

High West Whiskey, known for producing amazing bourbon and rye whiskey, recently released Whiskey Bourye. This blend of American Rye Whiskeys and Bourbon is a unique take on the classic mash-up of different whiskey styles found in traditional blends. With its bold flavor profile featuring notes of oak, caramel, apples, and toasted almonds, it’s no wonder that High West has created a fan favorite with this new offering.

A primary feature in this blend is the two rye whiskeys used: one aged 12 years, and another aged 7 years. The combination of these two very different ages compliments each other exceptionally well. On one hand you have the younger 7 year rye whose bright fruit-forward flavors takes center stage in terms of taste while helping add deeper oaky depth to the overall flavor profile; on the other you have the mature and more refined 12 year which brings out hints of dark caramel and toasted almonds as well as a rich viscosity to develop even more complexity to this already special spirit.

With both sources being sourced from just one distillery, High West took great precautions with ensuring top quality spirits for their end product by ensuring uniformity throughout their entire production process. As far as grains go 90% Rye was used for the core flavoring agents along with malted barley providing nuance. Each batch is carefully monitored from beginning to end by master distillers that have trained extensively in sensory analysis so they can make sure consistency remains top-level regardless of batch size or location it’s produced at.

The nose on this whiskey is quite delightful with aromas reminiscent of red apples perfectly balanced against round oaky tones that result from aging in charred white oak barrels over many years. Upon tasting you will discover a sweet richness big enough to coat your palate yet subtle enough not be overly cloying coupled with nuanced notes like coffee and dark chocolate leading into soft leathery undertones upon subsequent sips – making Whiskey Bourye endlessly drinkable while crafting an exquisite drinking experience unlike anything else you’ll find today!

History of How High West Whiskey Bourye Came to Popularity

High West Whiskey Bourye is a unique whiskey blend that has become increasingly popular over the past decade. It was created by David Perkins and his wife, Jane, at their distillery in Park City, Utah, as a way to bring some of the best traditions and flavors of the American West to their craft distilled spirits. The first batch of High West Whiskey Bourye was released in 2006 and was an immediate success. It quickly earned accolades from reviewers and awards from competitions, including a Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2008.

High West Whiskey Bourye is a blend of two distinct whiskeys: bourbon and rye. Each component of this unique blend contributes in its own way to making High West Whiskey Bourye one-of-a-kind. The bourbon component brings sweetness with notes of vanilla, caramel and corn while the rye provides dryness with spicy pepper flavors. As each component contributes different flavor characteristics, when blended together they produce complex yet balanced flavoring for the whiskey. High West offers its flagship product in four varieties ranging from 92 to 100 proof depending on personal preference or usage occasion; an 80 proof version is also available for cocktails or mixed drinks.

In 2014 High West released another limited edition variant called “The Perfect Man” honoring General Douglas MacArthur who famously said “I shall return” upon leaving Corregidor during WWII – “the perfect man returning home!” This expression combined aged lamb extract with whiskey producing a truly unique and flavorful spirit that sold out quickly despite its steep price tag due to curious collectors loath to miss such an opportunity.

High West’s passion for creating innovative products has contributed greatly to its increasing popularity since it was first introduced over 10 years ago.

Types and Tasting Notes of High West Whiskey Bourye

High West Whiskey Bourye is a rye whiskey blend that combines two of the world’s most popular spirits: bourbon and rye. The whiskey is handcrafted in small batches from two different sets of mash bills – one for the 95% rye with 5% barley malt, and another for the 25% rye with 75% corn mash. This combination creates a distinct flavor profile filled with vanilla, cinnamon and baking spices, along with light notes of sweet caramel, leather and tobacco.

When you first sip High West Whiskey Bourye, you’ll experience a strong hit of smoky spice up front. Following this initial burst of flavor comes an intense sweetness that slowly fades away leaving a pleasant warmth on the tongue; further emphasized by touches of subtle herbal elements. On the nose, you’ll detect aromas of butterscotch and toffee mixed with aromatics like nutmeg and allspice.

At its core, High West Whiskey Bourye has both balanced and harmonious characteristics that will make it enjoyable no matter how or when you drink it. It can be sipped neat or enjoyed on rocks or stirred up as part of a cocktail such as an Old Fashioned; adding spice to any concoction without overpowering its base flavors.

All-in-all, High West Whiskey Bourye brings something unique to your glass; combining powerful flavors from two classic spirit styles into one delightful blend worth savoring on special occasions.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Enjoy High West Whiskey Bourye

High West Whiskey Bourye is a unique, small batch whiskey that is popularly known as a good sipper to enjoy. If you want to learn more about this delicious whiskey, then keep reading!

Step 1: Pour one shot of High West Whiskey Bourye in your favorite glass.

This whiskey typically comes in a half-pint bottle, so you’ll only need a small amount for your pour. Since the flavor notes of the whiskey are relatively bold and intense, it’s best to start by pouring just one shot per tasting session so you don’t become overwhelmed or tipsy too quickly.

Step 2: Swirl the liquid around in your glass to release its aromas.

Whiskey experts suggest that swirling the liquid should be done with control and finesse. This will create an aroma (or “bouquet”) that can give clues as to what kind of flavor you may encounter when sipping the beverage. For example, if you detect sweet notes along with hints of oak and smoke in the whisky’s bouquet, chances are those will be flavors that come through during the tasting experience.

Step 3: Enjoy your first sip of High West Whiskey Bourye neat (without any mixers).

Take some time to savor and appreciate the complex flavors — hints of cereal grain sweetness combined with pleasant notes of baking spice — on your tongue before swallowing it down slowly and appreciating how it leaves behind traces of black pepper heat in your mouth afterwards. The best way to truly enjoy this whiskey is neat — without adding any extra condiments (such as ice cubes) or mixers like soda water — so you get all its delicious nuances without them being diluted by other ingredients.

Step 4: Take careful note of its history and crisp finish on each sip.

If this is your first time trying High West Whiskey Bourye then make sure to take note of where it originally hails from — Utah — and learn more about its rich heritage since 1870 when it was first started at Valley Tanning Company whose workers never imagined its recipe would become so popular today over 150 years later! Once you really appreciate each sip for its flavor layers, focus on noting how smooth yet powerful taste lingers on everyone swallow thanks to its classic rye mash bill finish.

Step 5: Repeat throughout till satisfied but exercise self-control!

No matter how delicious High West’s signature recipe has proven itself among seasoned imbibers across America.. always be mindful not go overboard while having multiple servings especially during home tastings as alcohol consumption can easily lead to risks including impairment if taken excessively! When drinking responsibly.. why not also share some fun trivia provided by WHISKEY KNOWLEDGEABLE enjoyed while enjoying each fresh chamber?

Frequently Asked Questions About High West Whiskey Bourye

Q: What is High West Whiskey Bourye?

A: High West Whiskey Bourye is a blended whiskey created by the award-winning Utah distillery, High West. The spirit is a blend of both rye and bourbon whiskeys, aged for no less than seven years in charred white oak barrels. Rich and robust, this twist on traditional whiskey offers balanced warmth alongside subtle notes of toffee, orange peel, and baked apple. With an ABV of 46%, Bourye packs big flavor but with a really smooth finish.

Q: What type of grain mash bill is used in High West Whiskey Bourye?

A: For its classic bourye expression, High West Whiskey includes a mash bill featuring 95% rye and 5% barley malt. This unique combination ensures that you get a rich complexity on the palate with lots of spices thanks to the rye; sweetness from the malt; and a well-rounded finish that lingers nicely on the tongue.

Q: How does High West Bottle Bourbon Compare to its Rye Expression?

A: While they come from the same brand and have similar profiles–both blended whiskies made with ryes and bourbons–High West’s Tennessee Bourbon expression has some distinct differences compared to their original Bourbon Rye Blend. The brand’s TN Bourbon only contains 75% corn (with 20% wheat & 5% malted barley) making it slightly sweeter than their sourced bourbon riff with twice as much rye content. You’ll also notice subtle hints of oak symbolizing aging in re-charred barrels which create more depth yet still maintain its incredibly smooth finish.

Top 5 Facts About the Rise of High West Whiskey Bourye

High West Whiskey Bourye is a unique blend of Bourbon and Rye whiskey in one bottle. It has been gaining popularity in recent years, with whiskies from this family occupying shelves around the world. Here are 5 interesting facts about High West Whiskey Bourye:

1. High West Whiskey Bourye was first produced in 2006 by David Perkins and his wife Jane, though back then the label only read “American Prairie Reserve” in homage to the high plains of Wyoming which the couple call home. The name has since changed to encompass both their location and whisky category – High West.

2. A key ingredient of their blend is MGP (Midwest Grain Products), a distillery located across state lines due to legal restrictions regarding alcohol production within Utah at that time. This means that every bottle contains whiskey brought over state lines, making it truly unique.

3. Today, High West produces multiple bourbons and ryes using a variety of different sources for aging stocks around the world, including ex-sherry barrels from California winery Harlan Estate and Japanese Akashi Whisky barrels sourced from Scotland’s Bowmore Distillery; it’s no wonder they have won countless awards!

4. When looking for a particular bottle of High West whiskey, it is important to look at the labels; each year brings a different recipe resulting in varying tasting notes between batches of bottles even from the same vintage year!

5. What started as small bottling operation quickly grew into a high-end boutique distillery thanks to headlines for its creative recipes such as yippee kai-yay – a mix of rye whiskey aged five or more years combined with two well aged single malt whiskeys from Scotland. Consumers can now find quality under one roof which provides convenience when selecting their favorite bottled spirit often lost due to shopping for single malts elsewhere!

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